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Galen VEX Promotion Video - Team 48327M


Entry ID #: 4845
Created: Tue, Jan 9, 2018 4:43 PM

This video was created to advertise and promote Galen Catholic College's team, 48327M. The video shows how we have come together and worked on our robot during our summer break. We have had fun and enjoyed ourselves, while still focusing on getting our robot ready for the World Championships. The 40-degree heat has not been a setback for us, which shows we will continue to strive for our goals no matter what.  The background music was selected with a specific purpose. We chose the song "Top of the World" as that is how we are all feeling, after gaining the Excellence Award and a spot at the VEX Worlds at the Australian Nationals in December.  Our video has been a joy for us to make, so we hope you appreciate the effort that we put in. Thank you, and please enjoy.


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A short promotion video created by team 48327M. Editor Lachlan Carboon Drone Footage Ryan Falconer Camera Footage Damien French Music TOP OF THE WORLD by Zayde Wolf