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12A Greased Lightning Promote Online Challenge


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Created: Tue, Jan 9, 2018 8:04 PM

Hello Everyone, 12A’s promote online challenge was created in the hopes of getting someone more familiar with the team and their design process. This film, a compilation of pictures and competition videos, tells the story of our experience this season. The picture slideshow at the beginning of this film recounted some of our experiences at the first tournament, and also highlighted important times where they made significant design changes to their robot. Later on in the video, we show a clip from our first tournament in Portsmouth, Virginia. It shows the highlights of the match, and also some struggles we faced during that match, such as connectivity issues. In the end, there are links to the schools website, the robotics website, the team’s instagram page as well as the list of all team members. This short film 12A created for their promote online challenge includes snapshots from their first tournament, their design and its changes as well as a highlight reel for one of their matches. We hope you enjoy watching! ~ 12A, “Greased Lightning”


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Hello Everyone, This is 12A's Promote video. We hope you enjoy this video, and you can connect with us on Instagram @greased_lightning12a !!! ~12A, “Greased Lightning”

Hi All, This is 12A's Promote Online Challenge video. Enjoy!!!


   12a_greasedlightning on 01/23/2018

The account that we the video on seems to have been deleted, so here's the new link to it: Enjoy! -12A