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VRC Promote Award Online Challenge

The Promote Award is presented to a VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) or VEX U team that has created and submitted an outstanding promotional video. The goal of this video is to help the team introduce itself in the community, to help recruit new students and mentors, and to gain support for the team. This video may be about the team, the program, the competition, the design and build process, the robot itself, or any theme the team believes can help promote its VEX Robotics program in their community.


We are the team.We are together!


Teachers is future,but makers on this moment.VEx make our wo better.
Though we are learining to be teachers and there aren't many professinnal mechanical and programing skill wecan learn,we won't give up.
Vex robotical competition has a series of works to do.before go into the competion room.register first.after needs to receive a machine test which can figure out whether the robot meets the requirement.and we made some changes to pass the test.
Then it's time to fight.
Together we build.we learn.we discover and fight. we langh  cry

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"One World, One Dream" Team 7984 (Hong Kong)


This year is CMA Secondary School’s third year entering the 2018 REC Foundation Online Challenge: VEX Robotics Competition Promote Award. The theme of this year is “One World, One Dream”. The word “World” represents the world of robotics. All the young people in the world have the one and only dream - to become the champion. VEX Robotics Competition seems a Robotics Olympics Game.

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We are kekino's team?



We are Kekino’s team. The last robotic’s group of our school. We come from the chemistry class but, this year, we’ve decided to try the robotic’s competition because we found it interesting and we think that we will live new experiences here. We are the last ones, but the most fighters, too.

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7479 Terra Australis Team History


Our promotional video was put together to show our teams rich history and to show how well we have competed over the years. It also shows how we worked as a team to get to where we are today. These experiences have shaped us into the people we are and inspire us to continue to work in STEM fields in our future. 

From everyone in the 7479 Terra Australis team,

We hope you enjoy our video.

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4073G Promote Challenge video


This is the Promo Video for team 4073G.

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Robotics Promotional video


Hello i'm a student from lakeview leadership academy,The Robotics Program is a program that builds competition robots to compete in a tourment with other schools in the league and the winner will go to state to compete.Other student compete in a online competition were we created a promtonal video for VEX robotics.

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Galen VEX Promotion Video - Team 48327M


This video was created to advertise and promote Galen Catholic College's team, 48327M. The video shows how we have come together and worked on our robot during our summer break. We have had fun and enjoyed ourselves, while still focusing on getting our robot ready for the World Championships. The 40-degree heat has not been a setback for us, which shows we will continue to strive for our goals no matter what. 

The background music was selected with a specific purpose. We chose the song "Top of the World" as that is how we are all feeling, after...

Mechanical Masters


Jose Alvardo is the main builder. Mark Rivera Is the secondary  builder. Hamy Bondokji is the project Manager. James Nunez is the programmer. We are from victorville,California.We go 

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Legacy Road


This is our journey, what we learn and our takeaways.  Who we are?.. We are team Coquitron 2284B.

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Team 6526G VRC Promotional Video


Hello, we are Team 6526G. This is our promotional video, encouraging everyone to join VEX robotics. In this video, our team members show why you should join robotics and show-off the program as a whole.

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3946R Promote Video


This video portrays our club values and why our members participate in robotics.

Our Promote Video

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Engineer's Eye (12F "CADtastrophe")


As VEX students we learn a lot about how engineering is a part of everyday life and we are encouraged to incorporate the knowledge we learn through VEX into our typical day. In this video we hope to share what being a VEX student means to our team and how a student does not have to build robots to be an engineer. 

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12A Greased Lightning Promote Online Challenge


Hello Everyone,

12A’s promote online challenge was created in the hopes of getting someone more familiar with the team and their design process. This film, a compilation of pictures and competition videos, tells the story of our experience this season.

The picture slideshow at the beginning of this film recounted some of our experiences at the first tournament, and also highlighted important times where they made significant design changes to their robot.

Later on in the video, we show a clip from our first tournament in Portsmouth, Virginia. It shows...

The Magical World of VEX Robotics at Highlands...


Check out our Highlands Intermediate Promote video.  Get a peek of what it is like to be a part of Team 394!.  Hope you enjoy it.

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81M-Our Journey


81M has been a team for 5 years, starting with FLL in 5th grade. While being on the team has been a wild ride, it has been a journey filled with many joyful memories. We would like to take you guys along our journey filled with many accomplishments and fun. In addition, being on the team has taught each team member a valuable lesson that we will never forget. Enjoy! 

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We Love Vex


The video goes over why Vex Roborics is a great program and more people should join this program. It also mentions how it benefitted people from the team.

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This is our submission, hope you like it!

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Making Work Fun


This video shows the fun aspects of being involved in Vex Robotics. We work together to create a robot that successfully complete a task, and this video is meant to display teamwork and how we enjoy competing in robotics together.

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Damien Robotics Team 6526F



Damien Robotics team 6526F Vex IQ challenge. Robotics is a lot of fun and there are an endless number of things to discover in the world of robotics. Robotics is a wonderful program helping people develop necessary skills such as cooperation,confidence, and many more.Robotics help people make new friends and help people understand the world around them more better. We, Team 6526F, are very proud and honored to be in this wonderful robotics program.

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Designing our way to Success


Our video shows how our VEX engineering club creates friendships between its members, while also educating the members and making them excited about future engineering and robotics endeavors.

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6135W Promotional Video


6135W Promotional Video Entry.

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Masters Of Robotics Website


This website displays information about Vex Robotics tean 9873

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Impact || Team 899A


We are team 899A Alluminator, and our video highlights some of the impacts that VEX Robotics has had on our team as well as the environment around us.

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