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REC Foundation STEM Educational Video Challenge

Who is your STEM Superstar? There are countless heroes and heroines in STEM who amaze and inspire us, innovators and creative thinkers who stand out from the crowd as brave leaders in their fields. For this year’s educational video challenge, pick a pioneer in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics and teach us about her/him. This person can be current or historical, and must have (or is having) a significant impact on advancing STEM fields. Your STEM superstar may be an inventor, researcher, scientist, experimenter, tester of boundaries, writer, engineer, mathematician, or anything in between! And to keep learning interesting and engaging, we encourage you to dress in costume, present a living diorama, perform a skit, teach a virtual classroom, or any method that appeals to an audience of your peers.


Hedy Lamarr: The Rise of a Genius

We are team 687D. The STEM superstar we chose is Hedy Lamarr. She is best known as an actress. She considered her beautiful face a curse because of all the heartbreak she felt because of it. But what people didn't know at the time is that she was a genius. She invented Frequency Hopping, which is used today in WIFI, Bluetooth, and GPS. George Antheil, a music composer best known at the time, worked with Hedy to figure out the technology and later made a patent.

The video is a few seconds below three minutes and the credits are less than fifteen seconds. The video...

The Queen of Nuclear Fission- 7983W

This is  Team 7983W's educational video on Dr. Chien- Shiung Wu, a STEM Superstar. 

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9364D's Poor Richard


Benjimen Franklin discovered electricity in lightning with a kite and wire. He began the modern advancement of technology as we know it today by taking a chance in a storm in the black of night. This video demonstrates a picture of what happened to begin the circle of enlightenment surrounding electricity and how we feel Ben Franklin influenced the world today as he became our STEM superstar.

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STEM Educational Video Challenge: Roberta Bondar


We are team 114T, Lone Wolf Robotics. Our video is about Roberta Bondar, a STEM Superstar from our hometown of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. She is Canada's first female astronaut and the first neurologist in space. She is an inspiration for local students, especially females seeking a career in STEM. 

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Alan Turing;STEM superstar

Entry for 2018 STEM educational video. A condensed version of what Alan Turing has done for stem fields

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STEM Video Challenge 90241D


When you first think of NASA’s history, the instant image probably appears in your mind is of rockets being launched or the men landing on the moon. Behind the beauty and wonders of space, there are brilliant, intelligent, and curious minds. One of these masterminds is Margaret Hamilton.

We are 90241D, Warren Warbots from Warren High School in Downey, California. Thanks for watching! 

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Momentum and Impulse

Video about basic the mathematics describing momentum and impulse.

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Ways That Robot Can Move

Since most VEX related videos focus on more advanced aspects of robot, we decided do start from the basics in order to build a strong foundation for students; thus, we created a video about the different ways robots can move for VEXiq which is the introduction to robotics for many starters.

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Colored Women in STEM

A look at significant colored women in the history of STEM and how their contributions affect us today. 

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