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REC Foundation STEM Educational Video Challenge

Who is your STEM Superstar? There are countless heroes and heroines in STEM who amaze and inspire us, innovators and creative thinkers who stand out from the crowd as brave leaders in their fields. For this year’s educational video challenge, pick a pioneer in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics and teach us about her/him. This person can be current or historical, and must have (or is having) a significant impact on advancing STEM fields. Your STEM superstar may be an inventor, researcher, scientist, experimenter, tester of boundaries, writer, engineer, mathematician, or anything in between! And to keep learning interesting and engaging, we encourage you to dress in costume, present a living diorama, perform a skit, teach a virtual classroom, or any method that appeals to an audience of your peers.


Sir Issac Newton


This is our educational Video on the father of modern physics, Sir Issac Newton.

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Elon Musk: A True STEM Superstar

Elon Musk is very well known in today's society, but most don't understand the massive impact he has on the world. He is currently improving upon things such as transportation and space exploration, and he will continue to pour out hard work into those projects until the day he dies. 278H agrees that Elon Musk has gained a lot of attention, but needs more recognition for the marvelous works he has acheived.

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This is team 4142's submission into the REC Foundation STEM Education Challenge. This year we were fortunate to meet up with Thomas Edison, who gave us the intense poetry recital of his achievements and ideas; we hope you enjoy his company as much as we did!

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Ellen Stofan - NASA Chief Scientist, STEM Super...

REC Foundation STEM Educational Video Challenge Online Challenge submission by Paige Spodick - VEX Robotics Competition Team WalshBots  9791C 
Video about STEM Super Star Ellen Stofan NASA Chief Scientist


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Hedy Lamarr


Our chosen technological inventor for this years challenge was Hedy Lamarr, the pioneer of WiFi and Bluetooth!

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The Nuclear History of J. Robert Oppenheimer


My STEM superstar is J. Robert Oppenheimer. I guess you can say he was the bomb... 

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Our STEM Hero: Maryam Mirzakhani


Here is our video about Maryam Mirzakhani! Hope you enjoy


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