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Registered VEX Robotics Competition teams can submit a video to be judged for the VEX Robotics Competition World Championship Promote Award.



Beauty and the Geeks

Ken Rayment

From the team that brought you the iPhone / iPod app for Clean Sweep - Beauty and the Geeks!
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XC274' PROMOTIONAL VIDEO High School and technical education: EMEB Dr. Liberato Salzano Vieira da Cunha. Brazil - Rio Grande do Sul - Porto Alegre
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This is Eagle Engineering


Students from Chaminade College Preparatory's Eagle Engineering Team 1138 create a robot to shoot a video telling you about Vex Robotics.
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A Journey into VEX


Throughout our many years of experience with VEX we have learned a great deal about life, teamwork, and values. It's these skills that we have learned that make robotics something educative as well as entertaining and fun.
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Spur-Flys 21C Team Promotional Video


Spur-Flys 21C Team Promotional Video.
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Our entourage of engineers, builders, designers, and programmers are ready for competition. Many hours have gone in to creating our robot and we climbed over many hurtles to be undefeated in the qualifying matches at the 2010 CTEA Connecticut Vex Championship and made it to the semifinals in the tournament.
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NZ VEX: A GC/EC Experience


A summary of the past two years of VEX in GC/EC (Glenfield College Eccentric Cyborgs), New Zealand. Our experiences and joys and hardships of Elevation and Clean Sweep.
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Experience Saints Robotics


Our experiences and accomplishments in this 2009-2010 season are captured in our promotional video. By working with VEX robots, we have learned valuable skills that will help us succeed in our future careers, including teamwork, cooperation, and dedication. We have also advanced our building skills through many long hours spent working on the robot.
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Enter The Discobots


The Discobots have always promoted robotics in the community. We seek to build not only the number of teams in the competitions we enter, but to also increase interest and participation in science and technology throughout the Texas area and at home in Houston. This is our Video.
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VEX, Its about...


RoboticsAtRangitoto have been using this video to promote their team to new members. It was kept short and simple so that time would be left for the team to talk about their experiences and answer questions during assemblies etc. We have waited all season to share it with you. We hope you will enjoy it.
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Lynfield College Robotics


In this video the process from the announcement of a competition through to the final moments of victory are followed. It is a brief snapshot of the process which Lynfield College students go through in order to compete and succeed.
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What's the meaning to be a VEX Team?


Este vídeo propõem que o time "Eniac Challengers" não é apenas uma equipe de robótica, mas um centro de disseminação do conhecimento, não só para seus integrantes, como também para a sociedade.
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ACME Robotics


Entry composed by an eigth grade sister of one of our team members.
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Imagination2010: Dog vs Robot


Can you imagine yourself building a robot? Can you imagine it being better than a dog? Maybe it is not that far away. Look at what we have already done. Join us and find out how far we can get. Just use your imagination.
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Sabertron Promotional Video


This is our video about our team. It shows how we've grown and what we have learned through the VEX experience.
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VEX Robotics : It's a small World


VEX Robotics is a system that unites people from all around the world and allows each one of them to express their ideas in their own unique way. This video briefly talks about these benefits.
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Free Range Robotics - New Zealand Homeschool Team


This movie shows how a group of homeschoolers from Auckland, New Zealand competed in the Vex Robotics World Championship and won the World Programming Title, came first in their qualifying games, and third in the driving skills challenge - all in our first year. This is our story.
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822 Geared Up gets the job done


This is the Manchester High School (connecticut) vex robotics team, 822 Geared Up's promotional video.
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This is a mini-dram that compares PiraTech Robotics to an inexperienced VEX team (the second team used is completely made up and is not modeled after any real team). Adam, playing as himself, leaves PiraTech because he has grown tired of their seriousness as competition grows closer. He joins his friend's own team and quickly realizes PiraTech was a far better team showing teamwork and leadership skills his friend's team lacked. He rejoins PiraTech and, with the team, work their way to the finals at Disney. Setting and props courtesy of Mr.Conroy's Engineering class and PiraTech Robotic...
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The Magic of Vex


This video was created both to promote Vex and to generate interest for other students in our school to join our newly formed robotics team. Our finished robot is introduced by Mr. Vex and the Magic Vex Box. We then show how two people built the robot at home, and learned about the spirit of cooperation that is the hallmark of the Vex community by the generous assistance of experienced students at EBHS. Since we don't have any official sponsors, we hope this video earns a prize that will make it easier for more people to participate at our school.
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Sir Winston Churchill RoboDogs


Here is the Sir Winston Churchill RoboDogs. We are from St Catharines, Ontario Canada. Hope you enjoy!!
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Sir Winston Churchill RoboDogs


Here is the Sir Winston Churchill RoboDogs. We are from St Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Hope you enjoy this!!!
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Crete High School Robotics - Three Robots, One...


Entry for the Vex Robotics Design Challenge Team Promotional Video for 2009-2010. Submitted by and for Crete High School Robotics team 656 from Crete Nebraska.
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254 promotional video


This is our entry for the vex online team promotion video challenge
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Team 1114z Simbotics "The All Girls...


Team 1114z Simbotics is made up of five females, three which are students and two mentors. Our Video is about our past experience in Dallas, Texas and the two competitions we competed at for the 2009-2010 season.
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We Are One


Team 24, the Super Sonic Sparks (S^3), reside in Carroll County, Maryland. "Robotics" isn't a word you hear in Carroll County a lot. In fact, you mostly hear "cows" and "farming", especially since the This video shows how VEX robotics has brought individuals to make a team with a common purpose; to have fun while we create and use our hands and minds to innovate. WE ARE SUPER SONIC SPARKS.
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Carrots, Peas, & Lychee


We are the Highlands Intermediate Robotics Team and would like to share how we have grown in more than one way thru VEX. Enjoy!!!
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promoting VEX


Iolani school works hard to push vex and other robotics competitions to the future generations. I hope this teaser is enough to pique your interest. Follow up and learn more about what we do @
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