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Entry ID #: 164
Created: Fri, Mar 5, 2010 9:39 PM

This is a mini-dram that compares PiraTech Robotics to an inexperienced VEX team (the second team used is completely made up and is not modeled after any real team). Adam, playing as himself, leaves PiraTech because he has grown tired of their seriousness as competition grows closer. He joins his friend's own team and quickly realizes PiraTech was a far better team showing teamwork and leadership skills his friend's team lacked. He rejoins PiraTech and, with the team, work their way to the finals at Disney. Setting and props courtesy of Mr.Conroy's Engineering class and PiraTech Robotic Teams Competition, robots and challenge courtesy of VEX Robotics Video quality is low (sorry for the inconvenience)


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   lyncas on 03/07/2010

The introduction is a bit of a downer. Too many random clips of people talking. Try switching up the middle part of the video to the beginning to keep your audience interested. Nice video !