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Recycling Online Challenge Sponsored by FUTURE Foundation

With ten years of VRC events and competitions, we know there are a great deal of old game elements out there. We would like to challenge teams to look in storage rooms, closets, and boxes to find previously used stars, Skyrise pieces, cubes, balls, etc. Take some time to think of a creative plan to give old VRC game objects a new purpose. Consider how you can make something to assist a teacher or students in a classroom, or perhaps something that can make simple tasks around the home or office a little easier. For example, we constructed a working floor lamp out of the Skyrise pieces while we were developing this challenge!


Robotics Recycling Online Challenge


     The thought process of team 6403F was that the best pieces to use were the cubes from Skyrise because they could be used to make anything. Ben wanted to make a chair, so we did! Once finished he sat down, it was a torture device! If we laid back the chair would have lost balance and collapsed. We took that disaster apart.

     The next robotics practice he tried again, but this time Ben did not finish. While he stepped away, possibly due to the bad design, it was destroyed. Also, in that model of the...

Skyrise Cube Desktop/Mini Shelf


Welcome to our Skyrise cube Table/Mini Shelf!


This Table/Shelf is made with table legs made out of Skyrise Cubes, along with shelves made by connecting Vex piece cardboard box cardboard to the two legs of the table, and a tabletop made out of Vex mats.

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Stack Up


We Pluto Robotics have put together a game that will test your robot. You will have to master all aspects of robotics to win. You need strategy, a claw that go go up to three feet tall and hold one foot long objects. You will need to go in correct and tight squeezes and have good aim. We would like to thank Mr. Patricks for helping us. Cristian Cano and Ben Heck worked on it and their teamates are Shane Wyman, Jonothan Armijo, Gunner Negrete, and Raghav Bhagat.

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Future Foundation Entry (8110R)


Vex Future Foundation Online Challenge-Ethan Rittmiller 8110R “The Knights”


Brainstorming:                                                                              ...

VEX Christmas Tree


To celebrate the holiday season, we created a Christmas tree made out of old VEX parts, complete with gear ornaments and a chain garland. Happy holidays from Ten Ton Robotics!

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Bucky Bright


Young kids don’t sleep through the night. They are always waking up in search of a glass of water or to use the bathroom. It’s not safe to wander in the dark and a light switch can be hard to find and may disrupt another’s sleep. With this set of problems in mind, 56C designed the Bucky Bright.


Parts List:


  • Red Vex BuckyBall

  • Skyrise Post Holder

  • 3...

Water Filter


We have made this water filter to help those who don't have access to clean water. This was thought of because of all the natural disasters going on in California and in other places all around the world. This was make from Starstruck, Nothing But Net, and Skyrise pieces. 

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Shanghai Huangpu A



According to the game rules,every year we have to purchase a lot of new game elements.After each April,the elements will become useless.So we start to think that what those old elements can do for our normal life.Finally,we find out the Skyrise pieces can make us a simple but useful bookshelf.Also,some of our old members could have the chance to put the old elements on their on their desk,studying while cherishing the memory of the old days.

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The Atomic Recycling Bin


We created a recycling bin out of materials from: Skyrise, Nothing but Net, and Starstruck (all 3 years our team has competed). It is almost entirely made of VEX parts, and was very fun to put together! This bin can hold almost anything, from recycling, trash, or even this year's game pieces! What a better way to be reminded to recycle than to put your recycling in a bin made from recycled materials.

We set this up in different areas in our school, and encouraged students to use it for their paper recycling.

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Shanghai Yongchang D


We are team 8193D form Shanghai Yongchang Private School. We all love VEX Robotics very much. We have already prepared for the competition for a long time. We will see you in Louisville in this April. Are you ready?

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REC Foundation Online Challenge


This is our F.U.T.U.R.E Foundation online challenge, we decided to make something that was useful in the classroom but also fit into the environment. That is why we designed our lamp to look like a tree. Our lamp is able to turn on and off, while also being able to adjust the lamp height.

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The Recycled Recycling Project


My siblings and I were batting around ideas for ways to recycle VEX parts in innovative and helpful ways. While we were working, however, our dog constantly took our parts and chewed them up behind our backs. After some consideration, this gave us the idea to make pet toys. We took inspiration from other cat toys when designing these new ones.

They were ready to turn it in only to discover that the challenge was for EDR and U only, so I took over the project.

We've used VEX IQ hex balls to create cats toys and VEX EDR skyrise cubes to create a play-structure for...

Organizing CUBES



We have chosen the Recycling Online Challenge Sponsored by FUTURE Foundation, we used the cubes of the Vex Robotics Competition Skyrise (2014-2015).

We have used them to organize the different Vexs’ pieces. We put them in lockers and we added tags to the box to allow us to find them easier.

Also we have modified the cubes, we added cardboard to the sides so that the pieces don’t fall and make it easier to pick them up.

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VRC recycling


 Entry of 3496 C/Revere Robotics White

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Thinking Chair char


The problem that we were faced with was to repurpose old game pieces and make them into something that could solve a common problem in a home, office, or school. Our first plan was to build a trophy display stand using skyrise pieces. We took the skyrise blocks, split them up, and reattached them so that they made a multi-level display. We found that the center, wasn’t as stable as we would’ve liked, and could fall with any slight pressure.

So our team went back to the drawing board to brainstorm a different item. We decided to build a thinking chair out of old...

Recycling Challenge of 278X Titan Team Hyperion...


Our idea came from a random comment one of us made that the stars would make a cool  looking clock. Once we decide to do it as a project it was simply figure out the logistics. Early this school year our school received a laser etcher so we then implement the technology into the project through the clock faces. We then went and got the basic dimension of the the star pieces and made it so the faces fit perfectly. The rest was rather simple ending up with a stylish clock made almost completely from recycled vex parts.


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Team 3050B's - Recycling Online Challenge...


This is team 3050B's 

Recycling Online Challenge Sponsored by FUTURE Foundation

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Recycling Robotic's Plastics


VEX and VEX IQ Recycling Projects Rockway Rockbots


Recycling is a crucial part of our activities at Rockway Middle School. Creating a culture of conservation and preservation of natural resources is a must in our classrooms.

This time, besides the collection of a great amount of electronics and other items, we ideated new ways to reuse the plastics that we used in past competitions, mostly pertaining to the VEX and VEX IQ kits, which are robotics materials.


Vex Jets Recycle 4073A


The Joe Walker Vex Jets made a desktop organizer for our online challenge. We made this out of red skyrise peices. We made a spot for a computer and we made spots for pens and pencils.

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Recycling Online Challenge Sponsored by FUTURE...


We are going to state, and homecoming. This picture was taken after our first robotics tournament, where we lost in semi-finals but won the excellence award. I, Jesse Sanchez, decided to invite Yailin Chavez to homecoming but, I wanted to do ask her out where we first met which was robotics. So although you cannot see the video, Yailin went up to receive the reward that is when we drove the robot with the poster so when the moment she turned around to face us with the award she saw the robot raised with the poster hanging. She said yes to the invitation. 

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VEX Porcupine Marker Holder


Marker holder constructed by vex balls Recycling online challenge

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