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Entry ID #: 4242
Created: Wed, Nov 8, 2017 6:03 PM

     The thought process of team 6403F was that the best pieces to use were the cubes from Skyrise because they could be used to make anything. Ben wanted to make a chair, so we did! Once finished he sat down, it was a torture device! If we laid back the chair would have lost balance and collapsed. We took that disaster apart.

     The next robotics practice he tried again, but this time Ben did not finish. While he stepped away, possibly due to the bad design, it was destroyed. Also, in that model of the couch you still could not lean back and it did not have armrests. The next attempt made by Ben and Anthony was “The Couch MK2.” In this version they just used a simple design where the bottom of all the cubes could connect. This made the sofa strong in the back and brought back the idea of armrests. The current model is the strongest and the most comfortable.This is why it will be the version that will be used for the online challenge.


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