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Stack Up


Entry ID #: 4365
Created: Fri, Dec 15, 2017 5:43 PM

We Pluto Robotics have put together a game that will test your robot. You will have to master all aspects of robotics to win. You need strategy, a claw that go go up to three feet tall and hold one foot long objects. You will need to go in correct and tight squeezes and have good aim. We would like to thank Mr. Patricks for helping us. Cristian Cano and Ben Heck worked on it and their teamates are Shane Wyman, Jonothan Armijo, Gunner Negrete, and Raghav Bhagat.


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This is our credits, Ben Heck was the speaker and builder Cristian Tanao was another builder Jonathon Armijo was the camera man and Mr. Patricks is our CEO! We made this challenge to help schools with ultimate testing for your robot. Due to experience, we need better ways to be ready and check our robot. I you do well in this game, you win!