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Storing With Skyrise


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Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 2:58 AM

Taking this challenge to heart, Team 9932E Hawks set out to create the most innovative design that would not only be practical but also fun to make! Looking back through multiple VEX games, we identified and researched all the different game pieces that had potential to be transformed and revamped. Eventually, we decided on the SKYRISE GAME CUBE. It offered an interesting geometric shape and a relatively durable material. We also noticed that it was made of plastic, so it would be easy to manipulate, while also being able to maintain its strength. 

During competitions, we noticed that we often have difficulty sorting through many parts in a short amount of time, such as in between matches when we need to make quick adjustments— our tool box is ALWAYS messy, despite valiant efforts to organize it. Thus, we set out with a goal to create an efficient and easy “parts storage unit” that would be portable and flexible with what we decided to put in it, beneficial to not only our team but also to all other teams that would want organization!

Reverse engineering the cube, we noticed that it was hollow inside the pipe—perfect for storage space!! It opened up into 8 different “sections” of tubing, though we only decided to use 4 sections for our design, making it smaller and easier to carry. Because we wanted a design that would be easy for all teams to create on their own, with easily accessible materials, we used foam board to create partitions and plug the caps, as well as any additional openings. 

A step-by-step tutorial about how to create your very own Skyrise storage unit can be found in our Youtube video:

Hope you enjoy and find this creation helpful!


  • Great for quick mid-competition fixes where you need essential parts but don’t want to haul around your entire tool box!
  • Easy to carry and very lightweight
  • Up to 8 storage compartments  
  • Very cost effective: materials used are cheap and you avoid having to by another toolbox for storage!!!
  • Its MODULAR DESIGN allows for customizable organization!
  • Fast, fun, and easy to create!!


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Team 9932E uses a Skyrise game cube to explore storage in a whole new way!