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7121B Backseat Cupholder


Entry ID #: 5286
Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 7:34 AM

7121B Backseat Cupholder Entrant and Main Builder: Constantine Fernandez Assistant Builder: Oscar Hernandez Other Members of 7121B Matt Estenoz Anthony Larosa Steven Young What is it and what inspired us to build? What we built was a backseat cupholder where the device is attached using a strap that goes around the headrest of the front passenger seat. I got the inspiration for this idea when on a long car ride to Lakeland my little brother had no place to put his colored pencils and water bottle. So I  thought why not create a device that gives him a place to put his stuff.  What is it made of and how was it made? It is made out of two modified cubes from the game Skyrise and a total of ten bean bags from the game Sack Attack. The device is 14 in. by 10 in. by 8 in. which is a good size to attach to the front seat.  Five bean bags were attached using hot glue to create a hole or pocket for the water bottle or items such as colored pencils. Since there are two holes, there are two pockets to hold items. The bean bags are attached to the cubes using masking tape. The reason we used masking tape for the bean bags is so it can be removed and washed easily. Masking tape was also used to keep the cube pieces together. A hole was created using hot metal to melt through the plastic of the skyrise cube. The reason we made a hole was to put a black band through the cubes so the device can support itself on the headrest.  Does it work and is it practical? Yes, it works. The device can hold up to two large water bottles without any significant strain on it. It can be but in any car with a front and back passenger seat. It is especially practical for large families who carry many items in their cars.  


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This video shows how the device works and how it is used.