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Shelving Unit


Entry ID #: 5489
Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 11:59 AM

In designing my project, I thought to myself, “what games pieces would be the most practical to use.” I looked at the VEX Robotics game elements archive and scrummaged around our team room. I saw the numerous pieces left from previous years’ games and one type caught my attention right away. Those pieces were the Skyrise cubes. I thought immediately that these cubes could be turned basically into any shape. My fellow teammates and I started to tinker with the cubes to see how they fit with each other. We ended up building many shapes before I knew exactly what I wanted to build. I knew after tinkering I wanted to build a shelving unit using the cubes. It was tricky putting them together at first, but then after the first stack became a little easier. The shelf is made of four stacks of cubes and includes the Skyrise pins as well. I thought a shelf would best be suitable because it provides storage for things such as tool, metal boxes, and even could hold awards. In conclusion, I thought that building a shelf would be practical and useful for us as a team since it can hold our parts, tools and trophies. We could also continue to commemorate all the past VEX Robotics competitions that we have participated in because we are recycling the game elements into something useful.

Links / Videos

video of our shelving unit being used