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Recycling Online Challenge Sponsored by FUTURE Foundation

With ten years of VRC events and competitions, we know there are a great deal of old game elements out there. We would like to challenge teams to look in storage rooms, closets, and boxes to find previously used stars, Skyrise pieces, cubes, balls, etc. Take some time to think of a creative plan to give old VRC game objects a new purpose. Consider how you can make something to assist a teacher or students in a classroom, or perhaps something that can make simple tasks around the home or office a little easier. For example, we constructed a working floor lamp out of the Skyrise pieces while we were developing this challenge!


91C's Recycled Storage Unit


Being a part of the VEXMEN, the largest Vex club in the world, we have a large supply of parts. The mass supply can be difficult to keep organized, especially since storage and shelving units can be so expensive. To help keep our parts organized, we created a storage unit out of old VRC game elements. 

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VEX Cushion


The VEX Cushion idea initially started as a joke back in the summer of 2017, where we would gather a bunch of Starstruck cubes and sit on them. The more we thought about it, the more fluent the idea became. This also helped because we found ourselves working on the robot on the ground quite often, so we would need a place to sit. We decided to arrange them in a square because we were unfortunately only able to find four cubes from the storage space. The main problem was that they were unstable, so we secured it with nylon rope and duct tape. We will be keeping this as a cushion at our...


The Tubular Flute


The Tubular Flute

By Co-Captain Eric Fabanich of 6403B  


    For the Recycle Online Challenge, we have decided to go for a instrumental goal for this challenge. We have constructed a simple flute out of a wall pipe used as a fence for the 2015-16 VEX IQ game Bank Shot. The procedure to make this flute was not complicated and it was very easy to make in a short amount of time. The result afterwards was definitely pleasing and guarantees that it will play music. There are many reasons as to why we...

1138B's Safety Glasses Holder


This is a storage for safety glasses for Team 1138's machine shop, equiped with an easy access section to grab safety glasses from around the corner so people would not have to walk into a room with active machinery without proper protection, or wait for all the machines to be inactive to enter and grab safety glasses. This also is an easy to find, organized shelf, even with bean bags cushions for the glasses to lay face down on so that they don't get scratched.

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Nothing But Net Package Insulation


5735B presents Nothing But Net Package Insulation!

For the 2018 Recycling Online Challenge presented by the FUTURE Foundation, our team created a method of protecting deliveries that is reusable and easy to manage, all using foam Nothing But Net balls.

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2886B Banner Holder


This is 2886B's 2017-18 submission for the FUTURE foundation's recycling online challenge! We decided to build a product that would effectively hold banners in open areas for advertisement and other services. A more in depth report in PDF format along with a descriptive video can also be found submitted with our challenge.

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Team 7121D Recycling Challenge


For our recycling challenge, we used a ring from the VRC game Round Up along with a plastic cup to create a floating plant system that takes advantage of water sources occupied by fish. To see our device in action along with a more detailed explanation of it, please see the attached video and report.

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6135W Recycling Challenge


This is the 2018 FUTURE Foundation Recycling Challenge entry from 6135W.

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Starstruck Stool



For this year's VEX Robotics Online Recycling Challenge, our team decided to use Starstruck game pieces to create a stool sized for our classroom tables.

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The greatest paperweight in the world

Saahil this is our recycle challenges submitions.

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The H2o Grow


     We, Team 394B  have used  VEX game elements from past tournaments to produce an innovative invention, the “H2o Grow.”  It helps grow plants more efficiently and can brighten up a classroom with its vibrant colors, creating a better, more enjoyable learning environment.

     We came up with this design by taking out all our old VEX game elements, took them apart if possible, and played around with them by joining them in different ways.  Initially, we were just thinking of using some of them as planters but felt...

6526F-Recycled Trophy Case


6526F's idea for a trophy shelf was thought of when our classroom was running out of window space to showcase our dozens of trophies earned over each year's Robotic's teams. So, this project kille two birds with ones stones, solving the issue of trophy space and the idea for our Online Recycle Challenge. 


Pre-cut foam tiles: Length 35 3/4 inches Width 0.5 inches 

Cuts in the Poles: Width 4 inches Length .8 inches 

Shortened Support tube: Height 5 inches


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Storing With Skyrise


Taking this challenge to heart, Team 9932E Hawks set out to create the most innovative design that would not only be practical but also fun to make! Looking back through multiple VEX games, we identified and researched all the different game pieces that had potential to be transformed and revamped. Eventually, we decided on the SKYRISE GAME CUBE. It offered an interesting geometric shape and a relatively durable material. We also noticed that it was made of plastic, so it would be easy to manipulate, while also being able to maintain its strength. 

During competitions,...

1575B STEM Chair


Recycling Challenge

    Through our mentoring of an FLL Elementary School Robotics team and our ever-growing pile of abandoned game pieces, we saw our chance to help upcoming engineers through their questioning of STEM and its fundamentals. Having new experiences can help you discover a new passion, and gives you the contacts to pursue that passion. We are donating our "STEM Chair" to a local library that host robotics meetings during the week.

   The first step is defining...



Please enjoy our video explaining how we turned the cubes from the 2014-2015 game "Skyrise" into a versatile storage facility for classrooms

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Vex Stress Ball


Our video is attached as a vimeo link.

Our report is attached as a PDF.


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Re purposing VEX Starstruck


Recycling Vex Star-struck


Hello Judges of the Vex online challenges, if you would be so kind to lend me a bit of your time to present my take on recycling the game Vex Star-struck. You see, I have two ideas that could be pitched for recycling this amusing game. The first one involves repurposing a robot itself, while the next one involves repurposing the actual game and its play style into a more calm environment like anger management classes, or trying to illustrate something in therapy.


 For starters, I have two ideas on how to...

7121B Backseat Cupholder


7121B Backseat Cupholder
Entrant and Main Builder: Constantine Fernandez
Assistant Builder: Oscar Hernandez
Other Members of 7121B
Matt Estenoz
Anthony Larosa
Steven Young
What is it and what inspired us to build?
What we built was a backseat cupholder where the device is attached using a strap that goes around the headrest of the front passenger seat. I got the inspiration for this idea when on a long car ride to Lakeland my little brother had no place to put his colored pencils and water bottle. So I  thought why not create a...

Skyrise Chair


We are team 4405C and for this online challenge we designed and built a chair using game pieces from the skyrise season. We also used a sizing box from C.R.E.A.T.E junior, duct tape, and grout caulk. 

The chair contains 18 skyrise cubes and 6 skyrise pegs and a bunch of duct tape to keep it together! Overall we are very pleased on how the chair turned out and it is very functional. We have been using the chair at practice for the last week and we’ve really enjoyed the new toy. Hopefully you all enjoy the chair as much as we do and vote for...



Our team made a bookshelf out of Sack Attack goals, Skyrise posts, and Toss Up barrier pipes. 

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Shanghai Yongchang D


We are team 8193D from Shanghai Yongchang Private School. All of us love this competition very much. We have already prepared for the competition for a long time. See you in Louisville in this April.

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The Ultimate Vex Cane


Hello my name is Matthew Caram and I am the one who will be representing my group. I am part of the Joe Walker Vex Jets on team 4073B.


My first thought was a walker for old people, it would be cool. It would be made out of jacks, pegs, cubes, and some tape. When it was done we realized that this invention is too floppy. I thought hard for something that can still help disabled people. Finally I came with the conclusion of making a cane. This cane would be made out of one section from a cube, 3 pegs from skyrise, and one nothing but net...

Shelving Unit


In designing my project, I thought to myself, “what games pieces would be the most practical to use.” I looked at the VEX Robotics game elements archive and scrummaged around our team room. I saw the numerous pieces left from previous years’ games and one type caught my attention right away. Those pieces were the Skyrise cubes. I thought immediately that these cubes could be turned basically into any shape. My fellow teammates and I started to tinker with the cubes to see how they fit with each other. We ended up building many shapes before I knew exactly what I wanted to...