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Created: Wed, Sep 13, 2017 3:32 PM

         Our team is from Omaha Nebraska. We have been doing robotics events since 2007. The students that are in robotics are highly recommended by there teachers and staff. Our students are committed and always ready for the new challenges every day. The students are from grades 5-8. The fifth and sixth graders are in the first year of doing VEX IQ. The 7-8th graders are doing VEX VRC. We as a school are excited and committed to achieving our Vex Robotics goals.                


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This website was create by Jaycee Martin who started the first Falcon Club. The very first Falcon website didn't win or make it to the finals, but that never stop her from doing whats she's doing. Jaycee came back bigger and better to make it to the finals.