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Created: Fri, Dec 15, 2017 4:18 PM

6403E is a team consisting of eight members in the small town of Sheffield Village, Ohio. 


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Our team, 6403E has decided to make a website! We are a team consisting of eight members located in a small town in Sheffield Village Ohio, United States. We have made this website to show our dedication and passion to the club we love. Our website includes information about us and our team's history, A "Meet The Team" section, all about our fantastic teammates and what they do outside of robotics plus how long they've been involved in the program, and a section with our blogs. We decided to make a blog-based website because each seperate blog gives an in-depth description of what we did that day and how our competitions turned out. It also helps us stay organized and keeps all our team results in one place. We update our website after every competition and almost every other day. We would update it more often, but we have a daily log to keep up with as well. We work very hard on this website, hopefully our work will pay off!