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Robotics Team Website Challenge Sponsored by Dell

This challenge is to develop a website that promotes your entire robotics program – your VEX IQ Challenge, VEX Robotics Competition, or VEX U team(s) and any other robotics programs you participate in, your outreach activities, how to join, what you have done, who you are, where you are, and what you plan to do in the future. In short, build a website that tells the world how great youth robotics is and how special your program is. You are encouraged to promote all the STEM activities in which your robotics program participates (VRC, BEST, Botball, FIRST, TSA, PLTW, SKILLS USA, SKILLS Canada, underwater robotics, workshops, camps, math competitions, bridge building, solar-powered cars, etc.).



1069E Website


The official website for 1069E Critical Mass 2017-18 Season.

It is well formatted, user friendly, and spell checked. It follows the colors of our team and we have future plans of updating it year to year.

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Baldwin Street Middle School


Baldwin street Robotics 5 man team.

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Team 7984 CMAss Robotics Team (Hong Kong)

CMAss Robotics Team is a high and middle school robotics team from CMA Secondary School in Hong Kong. We established in 2008. This is the 10th anniversary for our team. For ten years, the team has competed in the different robotics competition, such as, MATE Regional ROV Competition, as one of the original teams in Hong Kong. Our involvement in the program has grown over the years to include the VEX IQ Challenge, VEX Robotics Competition and VEX U Competition. We are the representative of Hong Kong for joining VEX Worlds for 3 years.

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Mo' Peeps 1375 Website


Mo' Peeps website was created this year and is used to allow people to lear about and to keep up with the team.

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Kraftwerx Website 555A|50505A

This website was created in mid 2017, as a way to promote our out-of-school extra-curricular robotics club. It serves its purpose well by getting what we want to say out to the public, and providing them with useful information about us. It also acts as a timeline on our page labelled ‘News’, where people can view milestones and achievements of ours. Click here to view our website.

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Quantum Robotics Club Website


Website URL:

Our website endeavors to best provide the students of Quantum Robotics valuable tools they can utilize to succeed in the field of Vex Robotics. Through our website, we seek to foster technological innovation, project-based management, and teamwork. By integrating our sleek design with valuable VEX - related content, we are not only an effective source of information for our current teams, but also serve to generate interest in robotics as a whole in our...


Livonia High School VEX Website (Created by: Vexy...

This is the Livonia High School VEX website created by the Vexy and I Know It team. 

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House of Science Website


Made using Heroku to run the server, uses xml, html, css, Javascript, Jquery, Node.js and Bootstrap.

Was coded without using sites such as WIX and everything was hand coded and designed to be efficient as possible. 

Information about our club is on our website

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