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What It Means to be a Vex Eaglette


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Created: Tue, Nov 21, 2017 3:28 PM

I think it has been an honor to be apart of such a supportive and welcoming team. This team was inspired by "Girl Pwoered" because we want to show the community what girls can do behind a computer. It all started because it would be one girl in an all- guys team, and us girls were looked down upon. The guys underestimated us and we wanted to show our capabilities and worth through our skills. When we hear "Girl Power," we think of girl empowerment. It shows importance because there a initiative purposely for us and it makes us feel special, like we belong in such enviornment. In our team, we started with 8 members that had no clue. One of our members had 1 year of experience. That one person guided the rest of our team on the right track to get us where we are now.  We believe there is no one else in the room that could help us other than us girls, so why not be there for each other. Our team is very open-minded and creative. We try to be honest with each other and we end up building upon each others' ideas. For a good 2 months or so, we have been accepting new members to the team, and what started as a team of 8, blossomed into a team of 15. We try not to exclude any team members and give everyone a shot at something, even if they had a weakness. We all try to do someting in our team. For example, one member started out building the robot and migrated towards programming and then began to work on our social aspects of the team. We have people that program that help build and people who work on the social aspects of the team working with the programmers. We learn to help those that need the help when we have an empty hand. Throughout the building and design process, we have all learned how to cooperate with peers that have a variety of different talents, strengths, and weaknesses. We also learned about each other to create friendships that we never thought we would have. Everyone looks at the challenge a different way. We all see a different way to solve the problem based on our past experiences. We come from different backgrounds so when we all come together and share our perspectives, it helps to create the best possible solution that suits our team. Our team chemistry is also better because we learn from each other and from being from different backgrounds gives us all the chance to befriend and work with a new type of person and expand on each other. Mrs. Young is our STEM role model because of all the time and effort she sacrifices to give, us girls, an oppurtunity to show our community what we are capable of doing. She plans a variety of events to encourage young girls to join an industry such as Robotics and I am so glad she conviced young girls to be apart of such an experience.  


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