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Girls Have Power Too!


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Created: Mon, Jan 1, 2018 2:41 PM

  Girls Have Power Too! When I hear the words “Girl Powered”, the first thing that comes to my mind is the power a girl can have in any field. Girls can be equal to boys, maybe even more! They have the power to do anything a boy can do. My team believes that girl powered means that a lot of big things like companies, everyday items, and inventions are powered by girls. They help behind the scenes, or out in the open. Without girls, a lot of the things you take for granted would not exist. I am the main programmer of my team, and currently the only girl. Our robot wouldn’t even be able to move without me. My teammates don’t exclude me out of anything because I’m a girl. They trust me and work with me as an equal. We’re thinking of letting another girl into our team from another team in the same school. Everyone likes the idea of having another member who may be another driver or a strategist. Nobody cares that the possibly new member is a girl. Everyone helped in the design process. We all started saying any idea that came to mind for any part of the robot. Eventually, we picked out the best designs for each function needed and mixed them together into our robot. Everyone built and tried to drive too. Only our main driver and I worked on the program. The other two members don’t have any interest in programming. Everyone is a strategist except for our main driver. Everyone helps on the engineering notebook, but I work the most on it. All of us have different interests and strengths, regardless of age, race, or gender. I’ve found out what I’m best at by trying all of the different roles and am mostly sticking to it. I’ve also found out what everyone else is good at so if there is a problem with something like the gears on the arm, I know who to go to for help. All of this helps our team succeed in competitions and making robots.   My STEM role model is my older sister (she is in the picture above). She has always been the only girl on her robotics team and has been the main programmer in all of them. Her team even won the Excellence Award at Worlds in 2016! She taught me RobotC and is very successful in following her dream. I wish I could be as successful as her. She shows that anyone can be great if you just put in effort.     Anyone can do STEM and no one should be told otherwise just because they are a girl. If you want to participate in STEM then you should be able to do that without anyone else telling you that you shouldn’t. Girls and boys have talents and gender doesn’t dictate those talents. Girls should feel welcome in the world of STEM and not disconnected. STEM needs to let girls in so girls who want to do STEM feel welcome while STEM gets more talented people. Girls are just as good as boys, and everyone should start to see that. Credits: Emilee Tran 7268A (Killer Monkeys) Girls Have Power Too!

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