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More than robotics...


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Created: Tue, Jan 9, 2018 10:03 AM

"More than robtics" is about what it means to us being a girl, what differentiate us from the others and how robotics has changed our life. A representaive characteristic of a girl team is the dadication and effort that we put into our work, as we make it eficient and agreeable, by perfectioning every last detail. We care about the unity between the team, it is necessary to have a good communication and relation because we work better and faster. Each girl has found its place in robotics. Some because they like what they learn from it, others because of the things they could do and the complexity of it. We have become better persons with big dreams, which is to make a change in the world and demonstrate that girls have the power to do anything.

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   sweetch1119 on 01/10/2018