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Girl Powered Online Challenge


Entry ID #: 4996
Created: Tue, Jan 9, 2018 8:50 PM

When I hear the phrase “girl powered” what comes to mind is using women’s empowerment as a driving force to succeed. Micah, our team captain is the main programmer. She also designs, builds, and drives the robot during competitions. I build and notebook. Mckenna builds, notebooks, and drives. Emerson builds and notebooks. Each member of our team has tried almost all possible roles that a robotics team can have. We learn something new and improve when we try various roles. I believe a diverse team brings new ideas and perspectives to a robotics team. Being on an all-girls team has allowed us to have our own voice and to accomplish something without the aid of anyone else. We are able to work better together because we are all treated equally. Our success defies long-held stereotypes and that is why when we earn an award or do well in a competition it is so empowering.


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