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VRC Girl Powered Online Challenge


Entry ID #: 5115
Created: Tue, Jan 9, 2018 11:20 PM

Hello my name is Miranda G      When I hear Girl powered I think of girls being able to do anything without any boy stopping them.Many people just say that girls like buttterflies and we only like pink while boys like blue and sports.I am a girl in a all girl group in robotics and I say that is not true.My Stem role model is Dr.Karen Panetta because she is the founder of the Nerd Girls this is a movement that celebrates "smart girls" that is why she is my role model.I dont really do much but get parts like screws,nuts,and more stuff like that I also help by putting on some parts sometimes.There are six other people a programmer,driver,and builders.I am Miranda G and i am happy to be in an all girl group.  


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