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Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 1:25 AM

In Robotics it is important the integration of people, since in Robotics we work together to solve and create. Robotics is a great experience where you gain knowledge through fun. We have to act educated and respect each other in Robotics to accomplish STEM and get closer to solving the STEM problem. Girl powered helps to create an equal environment giving the chance for girls and boys to work together, integrating them and demonstrating that girls are equal to boys. When I hear the phrase, Girl Powered, the first thing that comes to my mind is equality and girl strength. I think of how girls can be and do what society stereotypes men can be and do but women can't, but through integrating Girl Powered into Robotics it helps girls and boys to work together and prove people wrong. You can see the how Girl Powered impacts Robotics by Looking at our team, 8871c, the only thing that you'll see is work, talking, thinking, and building. There is no stop because of what they think we can't do, and we show right there in Robotics as the team we are. On our team, we got two girls and four boys. I'm the notebook writer of the team, and my girl teammate is a builder. We have both gone to Robotics competition just like many other girls have done, they don't classified who is going to competition by gender they do it by skill and how much integration and interest we give on learning and solving. We attract a diverse group by not prohibiting girls to come to Robotics. Making a diverse group to come to our club and come help build and to accommodate themselves into a team. Many people who are not a team yet, also come to help in Robotics by doing what everybody does, in fact the picture attach shows a girl that comes to help like many others do. We are educated and teached in our school about equality that we know that we must respect someone's gender. We are teached about equality in Robotics by showing us what Girl Powered is all about too. Our team members for now are Aaron, our team captain, he was a builder but became the leader by vote and hard work; Mario, our programmer was an amazing driving and still is; Ivan, our new great builder; Victoria , also a great builder; and me, Karem, the notebook writer. I was a builder in which I enjoyed and still do when I can but I volunteer to be the notebook writer and by doing that I have learn that being the notebook writer is not easy and it is hard work, I have developed my skill of observing and my ability to describe what the team does. I believe that our design of our robot, our team chemistry, our changes on the robot and our ability to succeed is not decreased by having a diverse group in the contrary it actually increases the chance to improve your robot into a terrifying monster in battle, not because a gender or race might be smarter but because every person thinks differently. A person who inspires me to keep learning and improving is my teammate Aaron, He is a great STEM role model, being kind and respectful to everyone and willing to keep learning and improving from his mistakes, he works with his team no matter race, appearance , or gender creating a perfect and enjoyable environment in which attracts a diverse group to join just like Victoria, me, and other people did. He inspires me to learn and improve by integrating myself to learn and working as the team we are to attract a diverse group of people to get Girl Powered on role.    


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