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girls powered


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Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 12:00 PM

Aldana Quiroga                                                     Girls powered What does having girls in robotics classes mean? Well, to the world it shows how women are strong and independent, that we can do anything a guy can. When girls hear the words “Girl Powered’ they feel proud of what they are and feel powerful that they could conquer anything. Many girls all over the world aren’t encouraged to pursue a career in engineering because it is too masculine. What comes to mind when you hear the words ”Girls Powered”? In my group “Girl powered” in represented by me (Aldana Quiroga) and I’m part of the group 9393B. My group is made of mostly boys so I believe that I am setting an example by working with guys to show that girls are capable of making awesome-futuristic robots. I believe that our group attracts a diverse group of student because we are all from different parts of the world and genders showing that we except anyone that we believe is capable and the right fit for our group. Also, we help out the VEX IQ kids because they can learn a lot from us and we can from them too.   The members of my team are Alexander, Jeffrey, Aldana, Oscar, and Daniel. We all play different roles each week. For example, each week we rotate jobs so if Daniel is building then next week he would program and I would build. Therefore, we each have an equal value to the team. Everyday, we try to make the team better by changing something about ourselves in-order to make the team better. Through this experience my group and I have learned about what working together and learning from mistakes. Daniel has learned to program just the basics and I have learned what pieces are best to use when building. Diversity of perspective is good to have in our group because it helps improve the robot by having different opinions on what is best. Every once in a while we do a problem solving/brainstorming section in our notebook where we each come up with an idea to improve the robot. We sketch our ideas on engineering paper and labels every piece we use. Later, we pick the one we think best suites and fits into the engineering process and make a prototype. After, if the prototype works and is a better than what we already have then we change it. My role model is Dr. Moshin Tiwana because he very smart and hard working just like our group. He inspires us to have a more inclusive group because he has taught me that when u work with other people u can combine your ideas and make even better one. When Daniel read this quote, by Dr. Moshin Tiwana “Projects we have completed demonstrate what we know- future projects decided what we will learn” it inspired us to work harder and never give up. Another quote is “when you want to know how things really work, study them when they are coming apart”.

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