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VRC Girl Powered Online Challenge Sponsored by Google

Girl Powered is an initiative to redefine the face of STEM by creating a more inclusive environment for all students within the robotics community. Together, with the support of the entire community, we strive to encourage equal participation of young women and men in competitive robotics. We want to use this challenge to show the robotics community at large just what it means to be a Girl Powered VEX Robotics Competition team!

Things to keep in mind for a successful submission:

  • When you hear the phrase, Girl Powered, what comes to mind? How is it reflected in your team’s approach to robotics?
  • Share how your team has taken initiative to create a more inclusive environment that attracts a diverse group of students.
  • Share how each team member has tried various roles on the team (everything from designing, to building, programming, strategy, awards, etc.). Explain what you learned through this experience.
  • How do you believe diversity of perspective changes your robot design, your team chemistry, and even your ability to succeed?
  • Who is your STEM role model and why? Does this person inspire you to have a more inclusive team / program? How?

We want compelling, engaging stories that give us insight into how you’ve taken the Girl Powered initiative and incorporated it into your experience on a VRC team. The benefit of having a diverse team will become apparent through your individual stories.



VRC Girl Powered Online Challenge

Hello my name is Miranda G 

    When I hear Girl powered I think of girls being able to do anything without any boy stopping them.Many people just say that girls like buttterflies and we only like pink while boys like blue and sports.I am a girl in a all girl group in robotics and I say that is not true.My Stem role model is Dr.Karen Panetta because she is the founder of the Nerd Girls this is a movement that celebrates "smart girls" that is why she is my role model.I dont really do much but get parts like screws,nuts,and more stuff like that I also...


Breaking Walls


When a minority faces a challenge, they rise up to it. In this essay, we will take you through the journey of the girls on our team, as they break gender stereotypes and empower themselves through Robotics and STEM!

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Discovering Diversity


Our submission emphasizes how important diversity in the STEM field is through our own experiences. 

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Our Robotics Journey

This is the story of the formation of team 1138G. Though a long and difficult journey, an inspiring team of girls has reached 33% of the robotics club. This percentage will just continue to grow.

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Online Challenge Girls Power Essay

Robotics in Middle School has been one of the toughest chanllenges that I have and this essay shows the progress of my team. 


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All Flowers Have A STEM


Nine girls from Auckland, New Zealand with a passion—and a dream.

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Girl Powered Online Challenge

In Robotics it is important the integration of people, since in Robotics we work together to solve and create. Robotics is a great experience where you gain knowledge through fun. We have to act educated and respect each other in Robotics to accomplish STEM and get closer to solving the STEM problem. Girl powered helps to create an equal environment giving the chance for girls and boys to work together, integrating them and demonstrating that girls are equal to boys.

When I hear the phrase, Girl Powered, the first thing that comes to my mind is equality and girl strength. I think...


Diversity and Inclusion


To my team, “Girl Powered” means that girls are not only involved, but they also lead.  This year’s VEX Robotics Competition team 8301C is the first robotics team in San Ysidro High School to have  a female captain. Said captain, and author of this challenge, is also the manager of the team.  Last year, I joined robotics and became the manager of my team, also 8301C, due to my unique  writing and organizational skills, which later helped us win the Design Award at the last South  Bay Regional tournament of the season. This year, I took the...


Team 91709A Girl Power and Resilience


What We Believe Girl Power Is...

Girl Power is the strength and empowerment of independent women as they support each other to accomplish greater tasks in Stem fields. 

Our Start...

Oishee Das, an eighth grader, had decided to start a robotics club in middle school. The robotics club would be doing the Vex EDR game, Nothing But Net, but with the dilemma of finding team members to form a team.  Asking her best friend, Shelby,  to join, she had another girl to join robotics club. Her coach decided to...


Girl Powered - The Captain's Curse


Having fallen hard for robotics at the beginning of high school, Christy answered her call to leadership in her robotics club as a Junior. She took on the mantle of authority with the earnest determination that came with being the only female captain in the club. But taking charge as a girl isn’t as simple as it seems at first glance, and the intensifying troubles Christy encounters seem like a dark curse brought on by her sex. Her decisions fail, the robot refuses to work, and her authority is challenged. As these seemingly insurmountable obstacles threaten to overwhelm her, will...