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Winnetka Vex Masters 224W


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Created: Mon, Jan 8, 2018 2:25 PM

Girl Powered!!  Winnekta Girl Powered 224W Vex Masters There are a total of 13 members in our team 224W Winnetka Vex Masters, with more than half of the team being girls. In our team girls work very hard . One of our drivers is a girl, 2 girls are our pro-grammers, 3 journalist, 5 of the girls present in STEM and we all help in building. All of this is called Girl Power. Girls don’t just sit around and cheer, our girls do a lot of work. Because of our hard work we received the highest award given in a Vex IQ com-petition in our second competition, the EXCELLENCE AWARD!!!!! We all had the opportunity to do our part to received this award. Everyone did their part and were excited because Cassandra, our driver was getting it done. We finished third place in teamwork and we were excited for her. Then when it was time for the awards we were very nervous. Then it was that time, they were presenting the the awards. "The Excellence award goes to…" The whole team was in shock when the announcer said "Team 224W the Winnetka Vex Masters." We all ran up there jumping up and down in exciment, almost about to cry in happy tears. With this award we would now be able to go to state and nationals at C.R.E.A.T.E.


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Winnetka Robotics Girl Powered 224W


   thegummybears on 01/26/2018

Go Girl Power and Go Robotics!!