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Girl Powered


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Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 10:12 AM

Girl Powered By Iyanna Grant Girl Powered is much more than you think. It’s young independent women facing challenges that you wouldn’t think they would be doing. I’d like to put it this way us girls rule the world. S.T.E.M can be done by anyone because it’s the power of his or her imagination. Once a girl named Jodi believed that she could be a scientist and build robots so she wouldn’t feel lonely. Her mother thought that being an engineer was something for a boy, so she disagreed with Jodi. Her father had always been in the Army and wouldn’t have time to see Jodi. One day at school she had seen a poster that was about a new Robotics Club, which intrigued Jodi. She saw so many cool things that she never thought possible. Her imagination started to run wild with all she had seen she had to join the club. To join the club one had to pass a test, which was held in the school auditorium. Jodi scored 32 point when it was her turn! She thought that wasn’t a lot so she was nervous, but it had been a school record for the whole district. Jodi had to be placed in advanced classes, which cost a lot of money. So, Jodi decided to host her own Robotics Club. For the Robotics Club, Jodi needed permission from the school board. It sounded hard but as soon as people started joining it was not as difficult as it seemed. Jodi gave her principal her application to submit to the school board. Now Jodi has a Club that’s filled with kids of different ages and diverse background, obviously she was Team Captain. She was in charge of the meetings, practice dates and fundraising. It’s competition time; the day finally arrived for their first competition, Jodi felt sick. Even though Jodi knew everyone was proud of her, she felt that her lack of experience would lead her team to a loss. She tried to make her practices real competitions in order for her teammates not to be nervous come completion day so when the day came every one would be organized and calm. The competition was in a big building with what seemed like a lot of important people. It was 9:15 a.m. and the competition was about to start. The reason she reached this point is because of a very important teacher who she saw as a role model that taught her about building robots, playing with their styles and figuring out how to work them. Now it’s a new classroom and a new teacher but ever since then that teacher was her role model and robotics was her passion in life. Competition is now over after what seem like hours and hours of teams doing their thing it was finally over. Jodi walked over to the scoreboard scared to even look, to her surprised she placed 2nd on her first competition. Her mother was so proud and now sees that girls can be engineers and anything they put their minds to. Being on a team for robotics is great and it’s about letting your imagination flow. When I first heard about our class doing robotics I was happy to be doing it. Robotics makes me feel like I’m at home playing. My team has learned that hard work, practice, and being organized pay off. When we practice, we become focused and learn different techniques that work for us and not anyone else. We all get a chance to display our talents because we’re all unique in our own way. Everyone can be good at something no matter if you’re a girl or boy. We all have the same rights, especially when it comes to science. My teacher taught us that we could do anything through practice and hard work.

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   thegummybears on 01/26/2018

Go Girl Power and Go Robotics!!