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We Are the Riveters


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Created: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 12:38 PM

When we hear the phrase girl powered, we envision girls working together to achieve great things. This phrase also makes us think about powerful women who have made a difference in our lives. Girl powered reminds us of our coach who is also our STEM teacher at school. She is the reason many of us want to pursue STEM in High School. She started the robotics program at our school and we have had teams compete in FLL in the past. While we have had competitive robotics and club robotics, we did not seem to attract many girls. Our coach, Keya Belt-Robinson, thought our school needed a new and exciting way to encourage girls to pursue their interests in STEM.  She thought we would benefit from a fun way to learn about opportunities in STEM fields and it would provide a way for everyone to have the chance to become involved in STEM.  Mrs. Belt-Robinson decided the best way to achieve her goal of educating young women about STEM and encouraging them to pursue their interests in STEM, would be by making an all-girls robotics team. This team would be a gateway to a world of opportunities for both those experienced in robotics and for those unsure of themselves by providing an encouraging environment to become confident, hardworking individuals that won’t back down from a challenge.  She made sure her robotics team had a variety of individuals that wanted to pursue STEM in their spare time and that were driven to help her encourage other girls to become involved in STEM. 

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   thegummybears on 01/26/2018

Go Girl Power and Go Robotics!!