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Girl Powered


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Created: Tue, Jan 8, 2019 5:09 PM

                         Girl Power           By: Tara Knoble, Olivia Pyler, Kymia                   Riggins, and Talona Sprawling          Hey! It’s Tara, Olivia, Kymia, and Talona. Tara is a 4th grader, and Olivia, Kymia, and Talona are 5th graders. How we each found robotics is we got a flyer with a series of questions in which we had to answer them right.      Have you girls ever thought about girl power in your schools robotics club what you mean to the team and how important you are on the team? We most definitely have. It is so important for team to have Girl Power, because if there is no girls then your team is not diverse which means your team has a specific gender.      Have you ever thought about girl power when in  your robotics class? We have, the first thing that comes to mind when I am thinking about Girl Power is that girls are just as good as boys are, we are just as capable as them, we are just as strong as them, and we can do everything that boys and men can do.  How I think it reflects on our team's approach to robotics is that we are here for a reason, most people would think that boys would join, but in fact there is 4 girls on our team and 7 boys so like I said mostly boys join but that did not stop us girls to join. How we girls mostly affect our approach on the team is that like I have said we girls are just as capable as them so we can help build, program, research, and  even help with driving. So this is what girl power means to us and how it affects our team's approach to robotics.      How our team has taken initiative to create a more inclusive environment that attracts a diverse group of  students is we accept 4th and 5ith graders of all kinds as in, different raises, nerds, athletes, girls, boys, and you don’t have to be in G.T. So what I am saying is that boys, girls, and others are all the same and should be treated that way. How each and every team member has tried veriodes of roles on the team is based off of the 5th grade coach they choose the best handwriting and creativity and the same with the 4th grade, based off of the 4th grade coach they choose the best researcher and they did the same with 5th grade, so  that's what they did with all the jobs except the driver in which we took turns trying to earn the most points. All our jobs in which were chosen by the to coaches are Tara, Brodie, Donavan, and Kymia are the researchers, the drivers are Denvin Dovan, Hunter and Brodie. So what I am trying to say is that the robotics club at our school Robert L. Davis Elementary is diverse of all 5th and 4th graders and that we all tried veriodes of roles.      We believe diversity of perspectives change our robot design, our team chemistry, and even your ability to succeed is because we each made drawing to represent our robot in our head, and then all of a sudden when we saw each of our drawings we got a total different perspective of our robot and what  would make it better, how it would help us succeed is someone may like this robot, but then someone would see a different perspective and tell all the things that we might not use on the robot and would be just a waste of time to build. Our team's secret power is teamwork and diversity    of ideas, perspectives  and    skills. Of course we have growths and strengths as all human beings do. Some of our strengths are, working together, following rules and persugers, persurvurse, diversity perspectives, and staying calm when in a disagreement. Like we said nobody is perfect so we all have growths like, staying on task, finishing assignments, and finally sometimes we don’t stay calm during a disagreement.          In conclusion, girls are very important and valuable on the team.    


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