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Girl Powered Pike County AR


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Created: Wed, Jan 9, 2019 9:55 AM

            Do you have what it takes to play like a girl? Well we do, in our 7th Grade Girl Powered VEX IQ Team in Murfreesboro, Arkansas. Our team is comprised of three girls and one boy and he is only with us because the boy’s team had too many people. Our team has great communication skills and work well together to learn about robotics. This has been our first year with VEX IQ Robotics being offered at the school and we have taken the bull or controller by the horns to be the best we can be.             Since this is the first year our school has offered robotics, we are sharing the awesome things we do with the school as much as possible. We have many students in all grade levels now wanting robotics to be offered for them. Our district is trying to figure out how to put it in the schedules for all grade levels in the next couple of years. As of right now, we have three teams in seventh grade and can’t wait to have more. Our teams are made up of a diverse group of students, from boys to girls, to regular education students and to special education students.               Our team members feel it is very important to be skilled in all the various roles needed for the team. We are work on designing, building, programming, coding, driving, strategy on the playing field, and working on getting awards at competitions. We have learned so much through the robotics competition, but the one large skill would be how to work with others and getting better at communicating with people we don’t know. It is important to mingle with other people at competition. It is very important to be able to step out of your comfort zone to learn new things to be able to modify the robot design and to be successful in all areas of STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.             Our STEM role model would be our Science and Robotics Teacher, Mrs. Cornish. She has been our science teacher now for three years and we have a great deal of respect for her and everything that she does for us. She is the one that got administration to allow us to have the robotics class. She always pushes us to do more and to be better at what ever we have our minds set to do. Mrs. Cornish is working with administration to figure out how to work it into the scheduling for more grades to have robotics because we feel that all students should be able to enjoy all the great skills learned and fun that comes with robotics.             Our Girl Powered VEX IQ Team is ready to build more girl powered teams at our school. We plan on showing everyone that it’s not that girls can do what boys can do, it’s that we can do anything better than boys. We are “Girl Powered” and are ready to change the world, or at least Pike County Arkansas.   Team Members – Alyssa Jones, Kyla Collins, Allison Stinson, and Kelyn Gilmer Registered Team # - 55145A Title of Submission – Girl Powered Pike County AR

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