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Women and Our Power to Change


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Created: Wed, Jan 9, 2019 5:40 PM

‘Jobs for girls and jobs for boys’. This has been taught to us since childhood. It’s not a problem of our school, but a cultural, patriarchal and sexist one. We realized that a girl can and should break the barriers, and represent the movement of participation of the students in the field of robotics. Therefore, the Girl Powered appeared. It is not just the name of a movement that is popular nowadays, but the need to include and match the boys' knowledge and skills with the girls’ as well. When we started practicing, we invited everyone at our school, surprisingly more girls showed interest than boys. Fortunately, girls are showing they can change the world. When we started practicing, we promoted our team to everyone on the school. We called girls who were interested on robotics, opening spaces for them. Movements like the Girl Powered help girls to feel confident about it. On my school we have always studied strong women throughout history, Malala Yousafzai, Marie Curie, Mother Theresa, Joan of Arc, etc. Since we knew about the Girl Powered, we tried to encourage the girls in our school to enter our team. Today we have 17 girls on our team. This make us very happy, because we are making some difference not only on the robotics community, but on our society as well. I have never imagined I would like so much robotics classes. Today I can’t imagine myself not having them. Here in Brazil it has been taught on my school for only 2 years, and now we can’t live without it. Robotics has helped my life in many ways. Since the beginning we’ve helped each other to achieve our goals. The robotics helped us with lots of things, we have learned a lot with it. In our group we have always divided our jobs (programmers, engineers, drivers, financial, etc.) each one of us has a responsibility on the team, every one help another to solve our problems. We love spending time with each other, each thought, each laugh, each idea helped us to built, program, develop and improve our robot.  With the same goal as the students, our teacher Mr. Thiago Palhares embraced the cause and taught us that robotics’ goes beyond the classroom. We then participated in 2018 of Maker faire in Rio de Janeiro, a fair in the convention center of Rio de Janeiro, and we will participate of the Vex IQ Next Level in Las Vegas in 2019. Our teacher has always made us work on our chemistry and synergy as a group. That helped us to be more united as a team, and work in harmony. We all feel more confident and motivated. Our teacher, has always helped us on our difficulties and problems. It has a lot of meaning for us, it has always been a very important part of our lives. When I heard about the robotics extracurricular classes, I felt very excited about it. It is a big opportunity for all of us.  The Girl Powered movement helps lots of girls to encourage themselves to participate on robotics community. We felt excited with this movement because lots of girls don’t feel comfortable to participate on robotics community. Girls can change the world. Entering the robotics community encourage them. For us, the Girl Powered movement is an important thing, that help girls from all over the world to show they are good. The Girl Powered movement has the goal of increase the STEM playing field for girls. On our team it wasn’t different, our synergy always worked perfectly. Together we work better, one helping another.   Creating our robot wasn’t easy, we had to learn a lot but our teacher and the school supported us and our ideas. Although the stress, we could achieve our goals. In the beginning of the year we thought we wouldn’t be where we are right now. Dedication, responsibility, teamwork spirit, leadership, determination this are some of the virtues that robotics class taught us. Since the beginning we doubted ourselves, but with determination we could help each other and solve our problems. Robotics is not just empowerment and championships, it takes a lot of effort and study. We watch videos, we learn in practice, we make mistakes and we make the best of our team Brazilian Babies.            Once I heard the phrase: "Not knowing it was impossible, he went there and did it". This phrase very well defines the role of our teacher as agent of change in the class, it shows us that nothing is impossible and really believes in our potential. That makes the difference!          And we are just starting!                     The Brazilian Babies.      

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