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Girls! The strength is in our hearts!


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Created: Sun, Jan 13, 2019 3:49 PM

Girl Powered When you hear the word “power” most of us imagine brave, fighters, warriors, knights. No one thinks about girls, their abilities. Female’s destiny is the weakness, patience and eager expectation of help. In short, girls, strength is not about us. Wait, stop. Stop-stop-stop! Why most people believe that girls are not able to do what boys are to? We can also fight hardships, create something new, be experts in various fields too. Technologies and robotics are very important in modern life. Why wouldn’t girls’ teams show their talents in these directions too? Let’s get acquainted! We are Uliana, Natalia, Stephanie, Victoria and Polina - 5 girls from Russia. We study in the 3rd form of a private humanitarian gymnasium. All together we are 43 years old, so we are grown up and independent. First, we learned about robotics in the first form. Every Wednesday in the sixth lesson we studied this amazing subject. It all started from the Lego cubes. Our teachers helped us create, use our imagination, implement new ideas. But we used Lego not only to assemble animals which would stand on shelves. Using various programmes we also made them move. Isn't it far more interesting? It was then that we fell in love with robotics. Thanks to it we discovered teamwork. It turned out that working together was not so easy. We argued, got offended, sometimes even quarreled. But we all had the same passion for making the best project we could. That is why, in spite of all the all differences, we have learned to listen to everyone’s opinion and understand it, share different points of view and help all the members of the team. After almost two years of hard work, we tried our hand at Jr FLL competitions. We represented our project not only in our lovely school but also in the city of Krasnodar, the center of our region, and even in the capital of Russia-Moscow! There we gained a lot of experience and saw how big was the interest in robotics in our enormous Russia. The most important thing is that there were a lot of other robots at the festival. All the participants showed their ideas, which were new for each of us. That is how we learned about the VEX constructor the VEX Words competitions! As it turned out, our school had already had a middle school VEX IQ team and middle school students told us that there was a direction for primary school as well. Our parents helped us buy the VEX IQ constructor and now we are diligently preparing for the competitions in Moscow. We will perform there with new robots! The name of this season’s game is Next Level. How symbolic it is! Thanks to VEX our team will move to a new level. We will get new experience, new knowledge, new opportunities. Robotics united us, we became closer friends, we learned to trust each other and to function as a real team. Now we interact like one big organism. We have already faced the first obstacles. The new constructor is more difficult in assembling, the programming is more complicated. But despite all, we are ready to learn and work hard!         It turns out that our strength is in teamwork, the inability not only to prove our opinion but also to take friends’ point of view that allows us to grow as a team, conquering new heights and improving our team. When we make a model of a robot, we concentrate on accomplishing the task completely: we think together, we work together, we communicate with each other, we develop and improve ourselves and learn to bring everything to the end. We want to learn, meet new difficulties, solve them, compete and win! Robotics brings up the most important qualities in us, which are so important for all hobbies. We have become more confident in our strength! When we program the robots, each of us feels on the wave of the progress. We think that there is nothing impossible for us in the future! So, GO AHEAD GIRLS!!! No one can think that girls are not able to make robots! The first success and awareness of the importance of our business are behind. New competitions, new projects, new robots are ahead. Girls, power is in our hearts!

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