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PLEASE SEE ATTACHED PDF FOR THE FULL PRESENTATION WITH PHOTOS.  ****** WHO WE ARE: Summer T. I’m an American who was born in Austria, currently living in Hong Kong. I’m a Grade 6 student at Hong Kong International School, and a member of Girl Scout Cadette Troop 20. I enjoy Kung Fu, playing video games and helping others. I also have 3 lazy cats who like to destroy our robot at times. Vivian K. I’m an American living in Hong Kong, and am currently in 6th grade. I have been a girl scout since I was 5 years old and am a member of Girl Scout Troop 2 (Cadettes). I love dancing contemporary, jazz, lyrical, and ballet 7 times a week.  I am also in an elite hip hop crew. I also enjoy being part of my middle school Girls U14 Netball Team.  Photo: This is Kyra Q. She was on our team last year. We have since moved to middle school, and she is still in elementary school. And we are VEX IQ team 1860A! ACHIEVEMENTS: 1st place, International School Scrimmage, American International School, November 2018 STEM Research Project Award (VIQC), VEX IQ Challenge 2018 Hong Kong - Elementary School 2nd place, Teamwork ranking, VEX IQ Challenge 2018 Hong Kong - Elementary School 3rd place, Finalist ranking, VEX IQ Challenge 2018 Hong Kong - Elementary School WHAT GIRL POWERED MEANS TO US: Girl Powered is very important to us, because that is how we met. An airplane launcher event was brought to us by Girl Powered from the REC Foundation and Girl Scouts.  Girl Powered gave us a grant, and the grant was sponsored by Northrop Grumman. After we tried out the grant, we went on to buy ourselves other kits because we enjoyed it so much! When we think of Girl Powered, we think that anyone can work together to accomplish anything, if they put their minds to it. Because working TOGETHER is better than almost anything someone could do alone. TEAM BUILDING: The first time we opened that VEX IQ box, we were nothing but excited. We soon realized this was way more intricate than we thought. We were confused and had absolutely no idea what to do at some points. We made plenty of mistakes and had to make certain parts of the robot over and over again. We needed help in some areas of the robot, but we were up for the challenge and kept on building.  By the end of the first afternoon, we were the only group that had a functioning robot. That was the motivation we needed to know we could do this. By that point, we didn’t even know each other. We learned how passionate we were for robotics. When a group of kids joined together to form a few VEX IQ teams, it only seemed reasonable for us to be together.   Photo: This was our first team building session! A special thanks to Andy Lee from Innovation First for greatly helping us on our robotics journey!  Andy helped explain the rules of the game, and answered our waterfalls of questions. He showed us cool robots, and also introduced us to interesting people who are involved with robotics. GIVING BACK: We like to bring robotics to our community. We enjoy doing that by making entertaining movies, and bringing fun presentations & games. Vivian: Last year, I made a short movie about my journey in robotics for the Girl Scout Film Festival. It covered making the robot, and being at the competition. I included pictures, videos, and captions to really convey my journey. I was on TV! Summer and Vivian: We’ve designed and run robotics games at Pumpkin Fest, Imagine HKIS, St. Stephens Christmas Fete, and Ronald McDonald House. We introduced robotics to lots of kids, especially girls.  Summer: I volunteer at Branches of Hope, an organization which helps refugees in Hong Kong. I help mentor a robotics class. This is a picture of some fun animals we created. Can you guess what they are? OUR PRIMARY ROLES: Summer is the main programmer of the team. She finds that coding isn’t simple, nor easy, but if you know the basics, you can almost do anything. If it’s all clumped up without labels, you get lost in your code, and then you forget your objective. You have to always double check what you write. Vivian is the main builder of the team. She finds that when you change the robot, it always has a domino effect. The whole process is rebuild, test, rebuild test. Vivian loves building because she finds all parts of robots really intricate and interesting. And we both try each other’s jobs, are both drivers, strategizers, and best of all… Winners!  Photos: Summer and Vivian coding and building for hours. DIVERSITY: Something different about our team is that we listen to each other. No matter who wants to do robotics, we feel that they should be able to do whatever they feel empowered to do. For us, we feel like just because we’re girls, it shouldn’t make a difference how people treat us. We enjoy doing robotics and that’s what matters most to us. That is also what makes us a strong team.  Photo: We spent timeless energy the entire season to try to improve and code our robot. But by January 10th, the day of the VEX IQ Hong Kong Championships, we were ready. We were startled by our surroundings for various reasons. One, we didn’t have our field. Multiple teams brought their field to practice. Two, neither of us spoke much chinese. Almost the entire competition was spoken in Chinese! Three, we were the only full girl team. The only other girl at the competition was a girl in a team with three boys.  We had given our STEM Ethics Presentation, we had submitted our VEX IQ Engineering notebook, all that was left was the judging. Two judges came around to our table. The first thing they said to us after “Hello” was “Oh! You’re the only full girl team.” I was surprised by that. I never thought it would be different or weird if you were a girl in STEM. But we knew that even if we were the only all-girl team we could still win.  Photo: This was at the International School scrimmage later that fall and we met ONE more all-girl team. They were very cool, and well rounded people. STEM ROLE MODEL: Sally Ride is our STEM role model because she never gave up on her dream. She was always interested in astronomy and physical sciences, which helped her achieve her goal of being an astronaut. FACTS ABOUT SALLY RIDE: ↳She loved science and math. ↳She grew up in Encino, California. ↳Sally became the first American woman to go into space in 1983. ↳She was picked by NASA out of 8,000 applications in 1977. ↳Sally started her own company called Sally Ride Science.   WHERE WE SEE GIRL POWERED IN THE FUTURE: Where we see Girl Powered in the future is seeing more women in more powerful jobs, and not just low-status jobs that don’t match what they can do. We also see more women and men working together. The future’s so bright… We gotta wear shades :) CREDITS: Entrants: Summer Thym and Vivian Kahm Team Number: 1860A Title: #GirlPoweredRobots More photos are yet to come, from our budding robotics journey! Thank you for reading our presentation! We hope you enjoyed it, and maybe even consider us as winners… just maybe ^-^  

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   Jthym on 01/17/2019

Go Team 1860A! It's been a long journey and I'm so proud of you both. <3