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Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 9:22 PM

When I hear the phrase "Girl Powered" what comes to mind is that girls have rights and that girls should not be in feminism which they should not I agree. How it is reflected to the approach of my robotics team is that we want a girl on our team to help us. For and example our team leader is a girl and we voted her for not being a girl well partly that but girls can do anything guys can do and I am not someone that wants girls to be treated not equally. How our teammates plays very important roles in our team is that we all have a different part but we don't really have a direct team job assignment sides my friend does most of the notebook. We all just do it together and we don't have curtain jobs because its just how our team is. What I learned throughout the experience being in robotics is that school is like my second family. We laugh and screw around but it is fun. Also that some things we need friends for and if I did not go to robotics I would not even close to know my teammates. We just found each other and just found a way to get along and everything and it just worked out. How I believe diversity of perspective changed my teams robot design is that we did not know what we were doing until we looked at others and just with on with is. How it changed it though is out team chemistry, our team is awesome we fight so much I yell so much I be rude but we all sometimes just get along. For example: Someone that was not on my team joined out team but we did not want that he did nothing but then we got along with it and team chemistry put us together and made us have the ability to succeed. My STEM role model is my class. The reason why is because just because we are technically against each other teams we still help each other and they just help us so much and we would not where we are at if we did not have the other teams with us. These people do help us be a team because if our team got in a fight they would help us and it would be all good So I think Robotics was the best choice I ever made and I hope to continue doing this and thank you to VEX Robotics and my class for helping me do what I do. It is very fun and I hope to continue it. We may have had alot of struggles but I am happy I am where I am and I love what I do and again, thank you Mrs.Jablon for letting my team do this because this is awesome. I love VEX and I want to do this forever and I hope no one can stop me at all.


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