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Girl Powered


Entry ID #: 6248
Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 10:27 PM

Girl Powered 1-  When I hear Girl Powered, I think of a situation that girls are being empowred in it. We are a team of both female and male students, so we can be proud of being inclusive. 2- We work together and help each other to improve our robots and our teamwork result. Everybody in our team has a voice when it comes to decison making.  3- In the roles we have two main engineers, two programmer and a dirver to drive the robots. By spreading the roles among us, so each team member helps and makes us successful. 4- We do have different opinions about how to build a robot. If two people have different perspective of doing things, for example for where to put the wheels, once we're done doing each chioce, we test to see which one works better. So by giving everybody a chance, team members feel comfortable to express their opinion and we never fight. 5- My own personal STEM role model is my teacher, because she is the one who taught me how to build the robot, the materials for building it, or to include extra parts to make the robot. She also has taught us how to interact with each other, to improve the work by correcting the mistakes and how to work as a team.  


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