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Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 10:35 PM

Hello my name is Jessica Gonzales I am in 8th grade. I first heard of VEX Robotics when I first came to JJHS. Then I had step up and went after school and then ended up getting into our team class.   When Girl Powered is brought to mind you really think about how a group of empowered girls can come together something happen and function. This is approached by my team because we are mainly an all girls team except two boys. This is reflected on team because this mainly represents how if all of us come together and really show people that were not just a group of girls who can’t do anything. We also can come together and all agree as a group instead of arguing and not getting the robot done.   Our team takes and can create a more inclusive environment. We can take initiative because if one of us isn’t there to finish up the notebook one of us will step up to that role and finish the notebook. We can create an inclusive environment by always when it comes to competition time I always ask who besides me wants to come up with me so that way everyone feels apart of the team. Our robotics team itself is a very inclusive environment were not all just a team were like a family looking out for each other. Even to new people like recently we got a new group of 6th graders we welcomed them like how everyone did when I joined the team with a friendly introduction. No matter who you are when you first join our robotics team it’s like another family.   Let’s start off by introducing our team members of Let’s Go Bots Today. The first member our team is Angel she is one of our builders she helped me along with some others build the drive train. Mariela isn’t apart of our team she is on 8871B’s team but she helped us with programing since my team is all new to this. Kinberly and Nayely are also builders but they helped worked on and designed the bars of our lift.  Nayely is also our main driver but we all try to learn how to drive because, if she isn't here then one of us can drive the robot.Then Lilly and Pricila the last females of our team also helped with designing both arms and drive train. There is also two guys on our team besides us 6 girls because sometimes it takes guy power too. Luciano and Shahen or SD as everyone calls him contributed to both also they helped if help was needed. Something I learned through this whole experience is that if you split up the work equally amongst every so all we have to do in the end is attach it.   Without diversity then we probably wouldn’t have gotten the robot because everyone would have had different designs and, nobody would have decided on one. Diversity is also good to see what other people’s perspectives then if there was a problem that problem could have ended up still there causing the robot to not work. It is also good to come together as one mind especially in the beginning to even start the design. Without everyone choosing one design we wouldn’t be where we are now with our robot. Our team chemistry or team relationship is good as far as teamwork. We all work together well and nobody really argues or fights. We all get along together without any problems.   My S.T.E.M (science,technology,engineering,math) role model is Kathryn Thomton. She is a Nasa astronaut who logged 975 hours in space. Which includes more than 16 million miles in orbit and is the 2nd american women to walk in space in 1992. She inspires me because if she can go walk on the moon that makes me have hope that I can be successful career wise. It also makes me have hope that if there is something I want to do whether it is a sport or if it’s a club that I should just go for it. Even if I don’t succeed the first time that in life there are plenty of opportunities to do that thing that I can always try and try again. It also shows me that if I have a more inclusive team that maybe other people’s ideas can inspire me to do better than I normally can.


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