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Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 11:46 PM

When girl powered is said the first thing that comes to mind is people coming together and doing what the we need to do as a team. It's reflected in my robotics team because as a team we come together when we build the robot, we would need to come together and communicate so we can get this robot finished and try our best to win competitions. We attract group of students by working all together as a team. Each team member was working there best and taking part in any way to get this robot that we created moving and working. I learned a lot from building this robot like the way the wires are connected, and how to drive it. I think our second robot will be the same if not it will be better. We will try our hardest to work on our second robot to succed. My STEM role model is my team captain because she has been in robotics for so long and I've learned so much from her this year. She has taught me things that I didn't know in robotics.


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