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TEAM 5X5: Celebrates Girl Power


Entry ID #: 6299
Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 12:46 AM

Team 5x5 could have easily been a girls only team, but we wanted to include boys so not only do we learn from their strengths but they learn from ours.  We believe by encouraging kids to participate in robotics competions with both genders will help close the gender gap for future females entering STEM fields.    

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This is the video format of our pdf. Please note in the upload of the video some images were not uploaded in pdf which is why we are giving the video. Thanks and sorry you cannot get our pdf like video.


   shaikh786 on 01/15/2019

We loved working on this challenge as it really represents our team. I am at school right now, but really happy for how hard our team worked to complete 5 challanges since VEX released them!