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Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 9:00 AM

            When our team began last season we never realized the capability that we had as a team in these challenges. We started off going to competitions for the fun of it, thinking that we wouldn’t win or make it so far like other people did. We never lost hope or gave up, little by little each competition we improved significantly until we achieved our goal of winning. The phrase that kept us motivated is girl powered. It influenced us to work hard so our expectations are high enough to win at every competition this season. The phrase girl powered brought us to the point where we succeed.           In order to find the perfect dynamic, our members have attempted many different roles to find what we are best at. Sofia started as a builder but now has found her strength in designing (design notebook) and driving, Ria started in building and continued her passion for building and was also introduced into programming and found a love for coding.Valentina decided to begin with driving, as her passion grew for driving her knowledge also increased for programming. Emilee started as programmer but instead evolved a passion for building and design. Overall we have our own strengths but we all contribute to the team in all the work that we complete. Throughout this experience, we have learned to step out of our comfort zone and expand our knowledge.           When you have a team there will always be someone with a different perspective and that’s what makes our team succeed. Having different perspectives of the robot design and the engineering process will lead to various amount of ideas. Ideas to solve a problem, to make improvements, or modifications. The design will then be a mix of everyone’s idea resulting in an amazing design that the entire team participated in. Having all these idea can lead to conflict but our team helps each other and listens to every person’s idea. The chemistry and the bond in our team is very strong. We all understand each other and know how to cooperate with one another. The diversity of perspectives makes our team stronger and expands our ability to succeed.          As a team we have struggled and succeeded in many aspects of the challenge and our experience. For example, this season many of our team members graduated, so our team had to adapt to find out who could take over our previous members roles.  It was difficult but this also helped us grow into the team we are and allowed us to succeed at competitions at the highest potential. This year we have also struggled with programming. The program would have a tendency to skip and reread lines. It took us while to realize it was something that we  couldn't control, this also lead us to switch and learn a new program. This was another struggle but allowed our skills score to become an a high position on the world rankings for the time.           One of our biggest role models we have is Reshma Saujani. She is the creator of Girls Who Code. Girls who Code is a nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is getting rid of gender barrier in the stem field. She influenced all of us to become interested in the STEM and robotics. She once said “Fail fast, Fail Hard, Fail often.” This changes our perspective in competing in robotics. Her quote taught us when we fail we get back up and try again harder until we achieve our goals and it’s normal to fail on your first try as long as you don’t loose hope. This has helped us work together because we all learn from a mistake and solve it together. She will always be a role model to us to never underestimate ourselves or others.   WE ARE GIRL POWERED 5081 F GOLDEN JAGS Ria Rajpal, Sofia Orellana, Valentina Roger, Emilee Zhou

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As an all-girl Vex IQ team, the Golden Jags were asked to describe their experiences in robotics to a local media station.