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Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 10:50 AM

Hi! We are Mavbots! The purpose of our website is to empower other students like us to try robotics. As you go through our website , you will encounter everyday things we do as a team for robotics. This website is to show that no matter what social group you are categorized in, Robotics is for everyone. So, have fun as you scroll through our robotics page.


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This website was created to empower young children who may be into robotics but don't want to show that because they want to "fit in." This was to tell that any child can be in robotics no matter what you look like or what social class you're defined in. In a way, this website boosts confidence for kids who are insecure. This website was also made to welcome any kids that are curious and may not know a lot about robotics. This website shows them what we do and ensures them that this is something fun. It shows our teamwork and how we have to perform together or else everything falls apart. We work as a team, we stand as a team and we fall as a team. I think this website shows this very well. Robotics brings out the original and creative side of every student and this website says all of this in one.