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Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 11:53 AM

Our Girl Powered Journey “Girl powered.” It stands for so much. The Cambridge definition: the idea that women and girls should be confident, make decisions, and achieve things independently of men, or the social and political movement that is based on this idea. Our definition: Girls that earn well deserved credit for their knowledge, skill, and determination in anything they pursue. Also females who manage to wield power in societies that try to limit it; where their leadership is stigmatized and their creativity disdained. And women who resist and overthrow oppressive traditions to do what they love and succeed at it, who pursue their vision in spite of the personal cost. HBS INFINITY carry all of these morals with us on our journey but don’t depend on them to define what we should be, as we don’t think females should be generalised even if it is to our advantage. We don’t believe we should be given more credit for something we do just because we are girls and it is not in the norm. We thoroughly believe that our team is different as we empower our team mates day in and day out to be the best version of themselves in our approach to robotics. We take the challenges of robotics in our stride and don’t think of the finishing line as just a goal. However, a destination, that we will reach with time and effort. We believe our approach is a unique one that will guide us along to where we want to be. The way our team has amalgamated together is almost as if we were carefully handpicked to be together. Our opposing views and contrasting backgrounds were a blessing in disguise. And now that we have realised how much it helps us with every aspect of robotics, we share every thought we have, we adapt, change and tweak until we have our perfect final product. This relates to each and every aspect from the building of the robot to the layout of our stem video. Our determination is like no other, we learn from each other and incorporate each other’s propositions to make one that surpasses our initial idea by a mile. A prime example of this was when we were choosing our stem idea. Half our team was really interested in figuring out a way we can solve a mental illness as it has become increasingly prevalent in our society today, especially in the generation we live in. The other half decided that they wanted to do something more exciting and not as upsetting. Maybe a problem that we didn’t even know was occurring, and solving it in a unique way. After a lot of intellectual debate, we stumbled across the idea of merging the two of our ideas together to create one. This pleased the entire team, out of it we became more united and had an idea greater than before! As a team, every aspect of robotics intrigues us, we always want to get better in every angle. Whether it is programming or working out strategies, we all give our opinions and can take constructive criticism as we are not always right. As in life, it is natural that there are things that we succeed in more than others and therefore work the most in that area. However that does not at all mean we don’t help in the things we are not as great at. Quite the contrast, we try and get involved in those areas as much as possible so we can fully understand it and get better. Our team, HBS Infinity, consists of 6 amazing members: Rebecca, Tareta, Alifiyah, Bianca, Anai and Arnisa. Below is a list of what we all specialise in: Rebecca - STEM, CAD Tareta - builder, sketchbook, driver, STEM, programmer Alifiyah - driver, STEM, programmer Anai - STEM Arnisa - Virtual Worlds programmer, programmer Bianca - builder, helper for sketchbook, STEM, programmer We all have a group chat which is constantly buzzing with ideas for every field of robotics. We have learnt that sometimes the people that are not as good at fields such as STEM can come up with the greatest ideas. We trust that this is because they have a new and fresh perspective. We use the fact that each member of our team is not perfect at everything to our advantage. We ask each other for insight in our fields. This is another value we have that makes us unique. This approach helped us a lot when it came to competitions. At regionals we attained the skills award which qualified us for nationals and we also won excellence which prematurely qualified us for worlds. At nationals we won STEM research that also qualified us for the incredible world’s competition. Worlds, last year was a life-changing experience, in which we won the innovate award. These are all achievements that we are extremely proud of and believe it all comes down to our approach to robotics. Diversity of perspective is something that we have discovered in our team. It is something we value and cherish. Our ability to succeed is, in essence, enhanced by our diversity of perspective. And our ability to share it amongst our team. This amplifies our strong chemistry as we understand that we value one another’s' ideas. It helps us build trust in our team mates and ourselves, when we appreciate and encourage ideas that are given or that we give. We have so many people that inspire us in STEM, a main one being Gwynne Shotwell the President and CEO of SpaceX, an American space transportation company. When asked if she was just “really nerdy as a kid,” she replied with “I don’t think I was nerdy but I was definitely doing things that others girls weren’t.” This tells us a lot about her character and how she has come so far in life. From a young age, it was apparent that she wasn’t trapped under the norms of a girl. However, she was curious about topics and wouldn’t stop for anyone to understand them. Due to this we look up to her as a role model, as we can find a bit of ourselves in her. We would love to set goals and be able to pursue them, as she did. She strongly puts across that one of the biggest hindrances to scientific advancement is too many people saying “That will never work” instead of saying “Let’s figure out how to make it work.” This mind-set is one we would like to consistently maintain throughout our lives, no matter what we do. She is an incredible person that continues to inspire us every day. We believe that Gwynne is inspiring, “She believed she could, so she did.” This quote sums her up. And we hope it sums us up too. By 10173G - HBS Infinity (Tareta, Arnisa, Bianca. Alifiyah, Rebecca and Anai) from the Henrietta Barnett School, UK

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   GalenVEX on 01/21/2019

Great submission. #girlpowered rocks!