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Our Story in VEX IQ


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Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 11:57 AM

Our Story in Vex IQ   As it is well known, Vex IQ is a branch of robotics in which you begin to understand the processes of robotics and how it works through programs and commands. For us, starting in Vex IQ was something unexpected, because we did not have a defined view of what would be involved in it, but we did know that it would be something that, for many of us, would turn into a vocation in the future or simply a hobby in which you can learn something new. The workshop consists in girls from 12 to 14 years of age working together to build and program robots, solve problems with the help of technology and learn to work as a team. Although at first we didn’t get along very well, we were divided into groups with people we didn’t know since many belonged to different classes, it was difficult for us to socialize that much because we were used to a certain group of friends, with a lot of effort, we were able to adapt to each other in the end and the workshop finally turned into a comfortable place where we could work and have fun.       For us, Vex IQ is a place where we can learn and, at the same time, have fun motivating ourselves to continue in the workshop, it is a place where, through time and the experience, we felt comfortable between us, since we get along well in some respects such as building, driving, and programming. We must emphasize that our school has several workshops for students, but we had never had a robotics workshop, and as in every school, we didn’t receive the necessary support to encourage us in this area, we also didn’t receive eductional support for national comptetitions and it wasn’t until last year that we were able to get a good place in the Vex tournament, in which we were finally able to be recognized in our own school. We, or at least most of us, had been in the workshop and competitions for two years. During the first year we were seven of this current team and we divided it into three teams throughout the workshop to participate in competitions, where we ended up in eighth, sixteenth and twenty-first place. In the second year we were ten participants, but one had to retire, and we were in fourth place. The first year we were in low positions because we weren’t clear about what we had to do, we just had the general idea, but we also had other complications with our teacher Javier Gaete, because he was very irresponsible with his work and didn’t teach us how it should be done. As a result, we also had technical problems in the competition, such as: cable work, unlinking the robot and the control, a basic assemble without any updates, and a team that at the end got very few points, given that in the teamwork challenges we had to participate alone because our colleagues from another school had to leave. However, the following year we were more prepared, because we knew what we had to do.  Although we had complications since our teacher resigned and our current teacher, Gonzalo Reyes, came in the middle of year. We believe that he is an excellent teacher, because he is dedicted to teach us, to support us when we do not know what to do and is continually checking on us. Thanks to him we were able to make a robot with special additions like a claw to hang onto, we programmed the robot many times to have something that works better than before, we made a standalone and a book about engineering, we practiced more in driving and we prefer to be a single team. If you ask us if there has been a change in the workshop in general, we would say yes.  The way we treat each other because of teamwork has been evolving, allowing us to have a better vision of what we want, for example: how we solve our problems, our ability to achieve what we have proposed ourselves to, etc.    Each one of us is important in the team, both sentimentally and productively, some built while other programmed, at the same time there are some that gave the team joy to feel in a more familiar environment.               But who are we? Renata: builds and fix the robot/pits Martina: builds and drives the robot Valentina: builds and oversees the STEM project Yanira: builds and oversees the STEM project Antonia: organizes the robot parts and drives it Maite: programs the robot Millaray: programs the robot Consuelo: in charge of the Girl Powered project.   With the passing of time, we have learned a lot from ourselves and what robotics means today. It is also worth mentioning that we are the only female team in Chile, which makes us want to show that we can do just as good, or even better that a masculine and/ or mixed team, and that we can aspire to much more regardless if we win or not.       Our Story in VEX IQ Consuelo Rios Team 71504A – Santa Clara

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