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Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 12:14 PM

Hello! I am Sage, and I on an all-girl robotics group, Team 55990B or GIRL POWER! It is the first all-girl team we have ever had! I think it is fun being on an all-girl team. It’s been a fun season, but we only have three girls on in our group because one of them moved. Because there are only three of us, when we are building our robot or improving it we have different roles. One of us would be grabbing pieces that we need for our robot. Somebody else will be building the robot, and the final person will be helping build. If the person who is grabbing pieces doesn’t need to grab anymore pieces yet they will also help build the robot. If we are all building the robot then we will take turns on different steps. If one of us needs help on a part, the other girls will help do the step. If we get done with the bot we will program. Being in an all-girls group inspire us because we all get along and understand each other. We can always help each other. It also inspires us to work harder, and think faster. We are able to come up with ideas for our robot faster. My group does not waste much time thinking. We come up with an idea, try it out and if it does not work we come up with another one. Once we put our idea on the robot we go and test it on the field. It could be stacking we are trying, or hanging, or even being tall enough to grab the yellow hubs. We always try, and to find a solution for what we are trying to do.  When we are building our robot we find pieces, build the bot and come up with solutions to make it better. In my group, we had a low hang. Then after some competitions, we decided to come up with an idea to make our crane longer, and that ended up working so now we have a high hang. We are still improving to make it better because any time we do it the back of our robot breaks. Right now, we are working together as a team to make our back sturdier so it won’t break. If we do get it fixed, we will work together to start to program our bot so it can drive on its own. No matter what we are trying to do we will always find a solution and then we will solve it. I like being in an all-girl team because we can work together, and get the job done.   Whenever we use our robot, we get our battery and controller and get right to work. I think it is good to be in an all-girls group because you can work harder and get things done faster. It inspires us to get along and work really hard to get things done. This is why I think it’s good to be in an all-girls group.      


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