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Winnetka Girl Powered 224G


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Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 12:51 PM

•Winnetka Girl Powered •224G •The beginning of our Adventure Hello! We are Winnetka Girl Powered 224G and we are the first all-girls robotics team at our elementary school here in Dallas, Texas. Even though none of us had any experience with designing or driving a robot, that did not stop us from wanting to form a robotics team filled with girls willing to learn and explore. We want to prove to ourselves and to the world that with hard work and dedication, we can accomplish anything! •Why the name? We chose Winnetka Girl Powered 224G as the name of our team because we wanted to represent our school in a way that would express the power and strength of each of our members. Girl Powered to us means courage and perseverance because in spite of our lack of experience, we are motivated to learn and succeed. We took the Girl Powered Oath and wrote down what it this means to each of us. 224G stands for 2-day, 2-morrow, and 4-ever Girls. •Our Team, Our Family Our robotics team is made up of twelve energetic and unique girls, with ages ranging from 7 to 11 years old. We’ve taken the initiative to create a more inclusive environment by having girls from 5th, 4th, 3rd and 2nd grade represent our team. This helps us to brainstorm many ideas for robot designs, strategies, and even building. Each of us has an important role in our team… •Designing our Robot Our robot designers are Zoey F., Zoey Z. and Jocelynn. We wanted to design and build a robot that was easier to drive than other robots.  We also wanted our robot to be lighter in weight than others so it can hang easier and quicker. Another goal for our robot was to have claws so it can grab the bonus yellow hubs. •Building our Robot Our builder's are Amy, Yasmin, Xiel, Valeria, Merlin, Jennifer, Joslynn, Zoë  F., and Zoe Z.  They build our robots and improve them on a daily basis. For example, they add certain pieces to make the robot hang quicker, improving the speed as well as making sure that the robot has enough twerk, or sometimes even experimenting new top parts that help our robot do certain things. • •Programming Our Robot Amy and Yasmin are our team programmers. They program our robots for all our competitions. They add things such as touch LED light sensors, distance sensors and gyro sensors. Amy and Yasmin use touch LED light sensors for our programs so when we test them out, we just touch the sensor and the program starts. We use RobotC Graphical or Mod Kit to program our robots.   •Girl Powered Event On October 20th, 2018, our team attended the Girl Powered event here in Dallas, TX. It was an amazing experience where we were able to participate in hands-on experiments, meet accomplished women engineers, and hear an extraordinary keynote from Dr. Knatokie who became our S.T.E.M. role model. Her incredible story has inspired us to explore different careers in science and math. •Accomplishments & Awards •Excellence Award •Design Award •Two 2nd Place Robot Skills Award • •Winnetka Girl Powered 224G vYasmin Tejeda vAmy Torres vAlison Ramos vXiel Jaramillo vLeslie Arredondo vValeria Dominguez vJennifer Fiscal vMerlin Garcia vJocelynn Rendon vZoe Zambrano vZoe Fernandez vAbigail Segovia

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