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Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 12:58 PM

At Greenwich Academy, we take our girl powered citizens and community very properly. We are an all-girls school and every day we thrive to do our best in school, robotics and other activities. At GA we focus on our community and everybody around us. At our school, we have many girl-powered initiatives and focus to keep our community following the girl-powered ways. Last year our team was lucky enough to be able to attend the girl powered conference and we were immediately inspired. We came back to Connecticut inspired and ready to take what we learned and incorporate it into our daily lives. We, at GA, have a project called CIA. These are called characters in action and during this program, we represent students in our Middle School who are helping our community. One of our team’s favorite meetings are on Wednesday where the school finds inspiring people in our community who have either created stuff or were community engineers. In these assemblies we get to learn and think about our future by getting inspired by real-life engineers. After we visited the girl powered assembly we had last year, we realized that our assemblies were kind of like that. These assemblies really inspire all the people at our school. We talk about all the things our school does in this essay but we do not address our actual school. In our school, we have many female role models. The head of our middle school, Mrs. Walker, teaches gives us a great role model to look up to. She announces all of our visitors who come and she helps gather them. She is a great role model to our community because she helps us learn and see what we want to do when we grow up. We also have many female great female teachers who help us along our way. One of our great role models was our last year’s science teacher, Mrs. Sestito. Not only did she help us get through seventh grade science, she also helped us with robotics and she was always there for us when we needed someone to talk to. All of our eighth grade teachers and others are very helpful in helping us get through eighth grade. 8th grade is rough and we couldn’t have done it without them. Not only do they teach us all of the academic lessons we need to know for future years, they also teach us important leadership lessons that we can take with us for the rest of our years. We have constant meetings about leadership and what we need to do to lead our community and everyone in it. One activity that we do in 8th grade that helps us with our leadership skills is the little/big sister activity. All of the 8th graders get a 5th grade little sister for them to lead though the middle school. Our team constantly visits and leaves letters to our little sisters to help them get through fifth grade. We also help out with our 5th grade robotics team to help them carry our legacy when we graduate from 8th grade and move on into the high school. In all, our team follows and helps with our community and follow the girl-powered initiative that we saw last year at Worlds.   5017C Greenwich Academy Following our passion

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