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VRC Girl Powered Online Challenge Sponsored by Google

Girl Powered is an initiative to redefine the face of STEM by creating a more inclusive environment for all students within the robotics community. Together, with the support of the entire community, we strive to encourage equal participation of young women and men in competitive robotics. We want to use this challenge to show the robotics community at large just what it means to be a Girl Powered VEX Robotics Competition team!

Things to keep in mind for a successful submission:

  • When you hear the phrase, Girl Powered, what comes to mind? How is it reflected in your team’s approach to robotics?
  • Share how your team has taken initiative to create a more inclusive environment that attracts a diverse group of students.
  • Share how each team member has tried various roles on the team (everything from designing, to building, programming, strategy, awards, etc.). Explain what you learned through this experience.
  • How do you believe diversity of perspective changes your robot design, your team chemistry, and even your ability to succeed?
  • Who is your STEM role model and why? Does this person inspire you to have a more inclusive team / program? How?

We want compelling, engaging stories that give us insight into how you’ve taken the Girl Powered initiative and incorporated it into your experience on a VRC team. The benefit of having a diverse team will become apparent through your individual stories.






Girl Power Project


We are one of two all-girl teams from Lake Stevens, Washington, with a working robot. We have six members with varying backgrounds and experiences belonging to minorities in STEM. We have created a website here. Our theme of pink is meant to embrace our shared sisterhood as women everywhere struggle to be taken seriously in their workplaces. 

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The Real Turning Point

“61% of women engineers report that they have to prove themselves repeatedly to get the same level of respect and recognition as their colleagues” (Society of Women Engineers). Statistics show that there is a devastatingly low number of women in engineering and that the women who are in engineering are not respected as much as their male counterparts. Our team, 5327B, is working to change those statistics. On 5327B, we emphasize that everyone deserves a chance to learn and grow regardless of their gender. In our entry, we show how we are trying to change the engineering field...


How I Found Sigma

Nika Filippov has been an industrious student for as long as she can remember. She works hard on her homework, pays attention in class and studies before all her tests. However, she never felt any devotion to any of her subjects, especially STEM, as she had been taught from a young age that STEM was for boys. However, this changed when she watched a TED Talk given by Debbie Sterling, a Stanford engineer. The TED Talk piqued her interest in STEM, and once she dug deeper into the field, she realized that she loved it. Nika Filippov has been an industrious student for as long as she can...


Girl Powered Q and A


Girl Powered Q And A

Q: When you hear the phrase Girl Powered what comes to mind?

A: Girls joining and doing VEX and doing the robot tune up’s, making a robot or doing the code.

Q: How is it reflected in your team’s approach to robotics?

A: The way it’s reflected in the team’s approach is by all of us fixing and learning how to drive the robot.

Q: Share how your team has taken initiative to create a more inclusive environment that attracts a diverse group of students:

A: Stepping up to share our workspace...

Eaglettes in Action!

The Eaglettes hosted a Girl Powered workshop to help young girls build and program their own robots to compete with. We taught communication, cooperation, and team building skills while having fun and making friends! We even had an ice cream party afterwards.;

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Our Story: 508B


A telling tale of a fully diverse team.

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8871X Girl Powered

When I hear the phrase 'girl power' I think of how much a female can make an impact on the world. Just because we have long hair and pretty faces, doesnt mean we cant build a robot like anyone else. Its affected my teams approach to robotics because we now have two female teams. 8871B has gotten the excelence award at our very first competition this year! Our teams consist of both females and males. We dont favorite any type of gender here. I for one can say, the girls have helped the boys complete robots. Our team president is a female! Every body on this team has a role....


Mechbots Girl Power

           A lot of things remind me of Girl Power is how we all have a Wonder Women inside of us  and it makes all of us unique. I like this quote because it means that everybody has a supper power and it can be a big supper power or it can be a small supper power. I think that all girls should join robotics because of girl power and how strong we girls can be. Girls are very powerful and awesome in a way they think. Girls are more than people think we can be. We can be engineers, mechanics, build robots, and can be as good as some people think....


Southland Roverbots Girl Power

“One woman can make a difference but together we can rock the
world” Unknown. When I think of Girl Power I think of how girls are how
powerful girls can be and how girls can be whatever they want to be. We
all are very important to the robotics team because we all do different
things to help out our teammates. Even though we are not all girls we still
get along and work together pretty well. We all have equal roles on the
team because even though I am a girl doesn’t mean I have to do the easier
roles on the team.

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Breaking Barriers: A Girl Powered Essay


We are team 1069E Critical Mass from Berthoud, Colorado. In this essay, we discuss the importance of teams being Girl Powered, along with the challenges girls in robotics face. Our team hopes to inspire other teams to adopt values that promote and celebrate diversity, and we strive to make VEX Robotics a more inclusive environment.

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girl power


We are team 68699A. We are the only girls team in our city. 

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Igniting a Passion: Females in Engineering


3631X Dynamix



Eliza Reynolds - 11th Grade - Media // Documentation

Anes Kim - 10th Grade - Programming

Mannan Goel - 10th Grade - Build // Design

Abhishek "Shake" Menothu - 10th Grade - Programming // Driving

Craig Bowlin - 10th Grade - Build

Ian Rainey - 10th Grade - Build

Word Count: 1267

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The True Power of a Girl


      For our team the words, "Girl Powered" mean alot of different things, it means that girls have a chance of survival, it means that we get to make a change to the world, it means that girls have an equal if not more of a chance to make a change to the world, and that without girls the world would be non-existant . Our team is living proof of this phrase, this is because our team is made up of two females and only one male.

       Together as a team the three of us built the robot, though if we are being honest, us girls did...


Women Can Change The World


This is a girl powered essay that's 1,008 words with a topic of womens empowerment. It shows that women are capable of anything. Many people in this world underestimate the power of girls.

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GirlPower in 7035


GirlPower is a phrase that is very important to us in our robotics program. We have had all-girls teams in our program, and they have been really succesful. Just because girls have long hair and pretty faces doesn't mean they can't make a big difference in the engineering feild. 

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Stacked Against Us


While trying to brainstorm ideas for the title of this VRC challenge, we had many different ideas come to mind, but finding one idea to display the information was hard. After many trials, we came up with the title “Stacked Against Us”. This title not only has a VEX related meaning but also has real-life meaning too. Throughout our team’s VEX career, we have received doubts about having girls on our team. Even with better driving skills, communication capabilities, or better building or design, we still feel as if the odds are stacked against us. In our essay, we...


Code 'Billies


An all girl robotics team made possible through the Girl Powered Grant! 

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My experience in being part of a robotics team

I’m a 15-year-old high school girl living in the city of Charleston, SC, I was born in Mexico and lived there for 10 years. Growing up I was taught that girls should dress nicely, be delicate, and be good housekeepers, but I knew that I could be more. I convinced my mom to sign me up to play sports. I have played sports for as long as I can remember and I always wanted to try new things and do my best. I was a natural leader in anything I did, I was confident... I heard at school that there aren’t many women in the field of engineering, I was interested and wanted to do more....