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Created: Tue, Jan 8, 2019 4:30 PM

           A lot of things remind me of Girl Power is how we all have a Wonder Women inside of us  and it makes all of us unique. I like this quote because it means that everybody has a supper power and it can be a big supper power or it can be a small supper power. I think that all girls should join robotics because of girl power and how strong we girls can be. Girls are very powerful and awesome in a way they think. Girls are more than people think we can be. We can be engineers, mechanics, build robots, and can be as good as some people think.                   Our team is keeping everybody’s spirits up, to keep going ,and to try their best.  Our team doesn’t leave anyone out because of there genders ever. I am the only girl on my team and I have learned from being the only girl on our team that it means they rely on me for the engineering notebook and they rely on me for the online challenge.          Everybody plays an important part on the team, it doesn’t matter if its big or small. Boys and girls are the same and equal and should be treated that way. Some people say that girls like to do girly things like nails and makeup, but I personally think that we should be known for everything we do. My role on the team is to design the robot and to   help our team look at a different point of view.                       A robot could be pink, and people would call it girly, but people don’t see a robot that is grey, and say “that’s a guy robot.” This is just one of the many examples there are about diversity of robots.                         My role model is my STEM teacher Mr.Ydstie because he is very inspiring and he tries his best for him and us to secede and try hard. My other role models are my Robotics coaches Mrs. Mortenson and Izzy. They work hard for all of us and they teach us all we need to know about robotics and they are super amazing. I think all of my role models have something in common. They all are inspiring and try their best to teach us every single day and I just want to say thank you for everything. Mrs.Mortenson and Izzy inspire me because they are both strong and try their best every day to help us and our teams they are awesome role models. And Mr.Ydstie is the best at helping us when we need help in STEM and he is a great role model to all of us.                     My experiences this year are that I learned how to build and to work with an awesome team who treats everybody the same.  Robotics is a very fun and exciting club to be in. I love robotics because their are a lot of experiences and it is a lot of work but is it very fascinating. It gives you something to do when you are bored. I have had a very enjoyable experience so far.          The last competition was the first competition we have had at home. It was a home tournament and it was amazing because we got 6th place and we got defeated by high school we were the last middle school to compete. We set up the chairs and tables and put down their numbers and then we set up the plain field for the game.     Thank you for listening hopefully you enjoyed it. As a unknown women once said”Little girls with dreams become women with wisdom”.                

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