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Created: Tue, Jan 8, 2019 4:45 PM

“One woman can make a difference but together we can rock the world” Unknown. When I think of Girl Power I think of how girls are how powerful girls can be and how girls can be whatever they want to be. We all are very important to the robotics team because we all do different things to help out our teammates. Even though we are not all girls we still get along and work together pretty well. We all have equal roles on the team because even though I am a girl doesn’t mean I have to do the easier roles on the team. When the beginning of the year came around our team was inclusive and showed us 6th graders how things worked. They explained things when we had questions to ask and we felt welcomed. They did not leave out the girls in any way. We all like to do different things but we still get along and include people even if they are different then one of us. Even if we don’t like someone we still try our best to get along with every one. All of the people on my team figured out what they would like to do on the robotics team by trying out different roles in 4th and 5th grade. In the elementary school we would try things different things out for the first year and by the second year we most likely knew what we were good at and what we wanted to do. Once we got into middle school we just did what we liked to do in elementary school if it worked with our team. Some of us start off with just wanting to Build all the time and now we are programmers or we might be organizers. We only have to do what our jobs require to happen to get done. My role model is my middle school Science and STEM teacher. He teaches me every single day about technology and other cool and interesting things. With him we get to do fun things like building and we got to use math to calculate slopes. Even though his experiments might not always work the way they are supposed to they still teach us something. Me and my friends got to make a safety video inspired by him teaching us about safety. Me and 3 of the other girls in our robotics club went a fun girl power event this October. We got to go to the children’s museum and learn about circuits and how to make lights light up. We had a great time together at the museum. We sang the whole way up there and we sleepily watched our lights, that we made light up, the whole way back home. We got to do this all of these amazing because of our amazing robotics coaches Mrs. Mortenson and our other coach Izzy. We have already had our 1st tournament for robotics this year. It was a lot of fun the whole time and it was even cooler because it was a home tournament. The night before the tournament we all came and helped set up the playing fields, the curtains and the pit areas. The next day we came and got to have fun watching our teams compete. Even though we didn’t do the best, I still had fun doing it. Now we get to prepare for the upcoming tournament.

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