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The True Power of a Girl


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Created: Wed, Jan 9, 2019 4:45 PM

      For our team the words, "Girl Powered" mean alot of different things, it means that girls have a chance of survival, it means that we get to make a change to the world, it means that girls have an equal if not more of a chance to make a change to the world, and that without girls the world would be non-existant . Our team is living proof of this phrase, this is because our team is made up of two females and only one male.        Together as a team the three of us built the robot, though if we are being honest, us girls did most of the building. Other than that we probably all took an equal role in the team. We always keep an open mind when looking for a more people to join the team. We dont look at race,sexuality, or gender when looking for people. At the schools open house we have a table set up where we give information about our team, robotics and what we do as a whole, we look at what they know, not what they appear to be or if they are a sertain gender.         We have three people on our team, Emilee, Aurora and Taylor. We all built the robot,(with the suppervision of our coach) Emilee and Aurora do the engineering Note book and stratagies, Emilee also programmed our robot and Taylor drives. Though we also allow everyone the chance to learn the roles of one another. This helps us so that if one of us is not able to to be at practice or a competition we have a backup plan, though we may not be as good as our teammates at that particular job.          I beleive that by adding diversity to our team it can help us stratigize, design, and build the robot more effiently. This is because everyones minds think differently, so we have multiple different perspectives and ideas to go off of and add on to. We will be able to point out and help correct the things that need to be fixed and modified to help us get to where we want to go.          My Stem role model is Britteny Weagner, at only fifteen she made an artifial brain to help detect brain cancer and founder of the Cloud4Cance breast cancer detection app at 17. She is an amazing role model to me beacause she has made such a huge diffrence to the world and at such a yougge age, she is an absolute genius. I beleive her to be a huge role model for not only girls, but everyone.


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