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Marrs Robotics- Turning The Inexplicable by 1073D


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Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 12:01 PM

What comes first to our MINDS when we say the word “Girl Powered”? Well, hold that thought for a second and we will explain you our version. 1073D E-LEMON-ATORS Girl Powered story: First, We are 1073D Presenting you this online challenge ( We are a team of all boys! ) what you might think is that why a Boys robotics make a Girl Powered challenge? We used to have six teammates, 5 of them we’re boys and 1 of them was a Girl. Okay we didn’t care that she was in our group because we thought “It’s not like she would do any help after all”. That Girl was called Malia Saitta we had approximately about 2 months ( September 2018 - November 2018 ) she took the position in our team as the journalist. We agreed with all of us boys that she is the best team member in our team cause she would always focus on the journal and always would help with anything that we neede to be done. Malia every singles day during class for those two months she would bring everyday a smile on the face when us boys we’re struggling, stressed or angry, she would turn that frown into a smile. She is the most happiest person we have ever meet and she would take robotics very seriously we would really love her back to our team. After, she left we we’re left speechless the big improvement she did to our team she made us realize something? Remember in the beginning we said that Malia “it’s not like she would do any help after all” well we regretted saying that actually “She is the best teammate we have EVER meet”. That journal that she did was like a story book, that has every SINGLE DETAIL! Finally, that is just one of the reasons we are this online challenges and go check out our Girl Powered teams ( 1073A- Plan B and 1073G- Chicken Nuggets ) too and their background to tell and it will surprise you! Not only that the matter of fact that 23% of VEX participants are girls, and women only take up only 24% of STEM workforce, and that is a shocker and we need to do something about it NOW! How have we taken initiative to create a more inclusive environment that attracts a diverse group of students? We have taken initiative at Marrs robotics to the next level to attract a diverse group of students by letting anyone join robotics no matter what the gender or ethnicity cause we are all humans and let anyone join robotics and begin a good friendship and a future. Just like our STEM ro model use to say ( Well we think she is a Girl Powered STEM ro model )? “Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail.Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.” -​​​​Oprah Winfrey. Not only Oprah helps innovate and excite our school she persuades us to Boys and Girls to change our future by building programs. She also makes talk shows on television to help the world change the world and all of us need to realize that. Now look at her making a fortune  persuading her dreams and all girls should do the same thing as well! What is the roles of the Girls in the teams ( R. M. Marrs Robotics )? 1073A ( 3 girls ): Dayanara Nambo- Journalist Shania Orozco- Journalist Ashlee Patino- Builder Awards won- Design award 11/03 & Judges award 12/15! What have you learned throughout this experience? “Okay well all of the exciment that Vex robotics brings to student is a passion, but in robotics it’s mostly about making new friendships like what these girls have done!”- 1073A- Plan B. 1073G ( 4 girls, kyana was not added? ) Emily Sanchez- Driver Tallulah Magaña- Builder Leilani Hiatt- Journalist Kyana Rios- Driver Awards won- Excellence award 11/03! What have you learned throughout this experience? “ We have learned that robotics is not about the awards it is about the future you are beginning, like the girls there future is full of opportunities” - 1073G- Chicken Nuggets. How do you believe diversity of perspective changes your robot design, your team chemistry, and even your ability to succeed? Us 1073D we believe that diversity of perspective in the whole robotics team and the success you are gonna get in life. In VEX robotics your re gonna meet people all around the world with different race/ethnicity but that can not affect your team chemistry, it actually helps it creating more friendship all across the globe even if there the opposite team we should take care with the only way Sportsmanship! Actually thinking about our robot design we did change actually a lot cause we changed the whole perspective of it but we got influenced by a school ( Brownell Talbot schools )! Life will lead you to different roads but you’re gonna being the one choosing them, if you want to succeed in the future you have to follow the right foot steps. Otherwise, If you don’t just take the wrong paths that will end up regretting what you did, but that all depends on YOU! We should all get along as a family in the world and “Girl Powered” is for everybody so what do we all say let’s future generations to come TOGETHER!  Team: 1073D E-LEMON-ATORS, Entrant: Edgar Del Cid Lutin, Teammates: Angel Reyna, John Barrientos & Jasen Cruz-Espinosa, Title: Marrs Robotics- Turning the Inexplicable by 1073D, Word Count: 1232 words.  “When Life gives you LEMONS make LEMONADE.”- 1073D Oh yeah and now that thought of what comes to our MINDS when we say the word “Girl Powered”, We want that thought to be shared all across the globe and share the kindness and respect the world also cause we have “Girl Powered” to prove. “Thank you Malia Saitta for being in our robotics team 1073D, you change the lives of all of us Boys and Girls..... “GIRL POWERED” forever!” - 1073D E-LEMON-ATORS.    

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This link is to go see Girl Powered foundation making women’s dreams not only in robotics all over the world! Girl Powered helps women all around the world to join more Vex Robotics in both VEX VRC & VEX IQ to get involved so they can get in robotics and not loose their passion. Helping remembering that no gender is weaker or stronger that all of us in the world we need to treat each other with equality, we can all change our future united!

This is our school R. M. Marrs providing options and scholarships for students heading tinto high school and college. This school is full of opportunities helping the local community out in all kinds ways ( not only in Robotics ) all over Omaha, Nebraska and heading into all over Nebraska!“Where you’re future begins and don’t forget it”- R. M. Marrs Magnet Center